Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Teji calling Katha and saying that she has some photos and videos that she can use in the AV she’s preparing for the company. Faluniben takes Aarav to join the Karate class. Arava starts his karate class. Viaan is also there.

He sees Aarav and smiles. The master asks everyone to kick the slab to prove their strength. Aarav fails to do it, which leads the other students to laugh at and mock him. Aarav tries many times but fails. So, the master asks Aarav to stand to the side and watch the others do it.

Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Aarav gets sad. Viaan goes to Aarav. Viaan encourages Aarav and gives him some tips on how to kick and break the slab. Aarav goes to the karate master and requests that he give him another chance. He is sure that he will be successful this time. The master agrees. Aarav follows the instructions given by Viaan and completes the task successfully. The students lift Aarav and celebrate him. Aarav is happy. Viaan smiles to see Aarav happy. Viaan leaves. 

Viaan learns that Teji talked to Katha about the AV she’s preparing. Viaan calls Teji and asks her why she talked directly to Katha without asking him. Teji is surprised and confused by Viaan’s behavior and asks if Katha said anything to him or if she made any mistakes. Viaan says nothing. He says that he will talk to Kadha. He hangs up the phone. Teji wonders why Viaan reacted in this way.

Viaan goes to Katha and apologizes to her for Teji talking to her directly. Katha says that the inputs given by Teji were helpful for the AV. Viaan claims that the inputs Teji gave her are his and his father’s, and he suggests that Katha delegate the AV work to Jenny if she is uncomfortable doing it. Katha says that it’s her work, so she will manage it. Viaan agrees and leaves. Katha gets disturbed, recalling Eshan’s words about Viaan’s father.

Aarav shows the kicks that he learned in his Karata classes to Kailash and Kavita. He goes to teach them to his cousins. Kailash and Kavita are elated to see Aarav happy. Kailash is happy that his family is complete with Aarav’s arrival. Reet overhears this and becomes unhappy. She phones Yuvraj and expresses to him her fear that Aarav will stay in their house permanently and will become an heir to the property. Yuvraj asks her not to stress out in this condition and not to call him to complain about everything. He hangs up the phone.

Katha Ankahee 2nd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Eshan invites Katha to his house for dinner. He jokes, saying that he is interested in Aarav and not her. Katha smiles. Viaan sees Katha with Eshan and feels jealous. Viaan gives some work to Eshan and leaves. Eshan says to Katha that he can understand that she’s not comfortable with Viaan’s presence, so he didn’t invite Viaan. He says that Viaan isn’t social. He says that Viaan likes pets more than humans.

He says that the dinner date is only between him and Katha-Aarav. OK, Katha says He leaves. Katha receives Teji’s call. Teji tells Katha not to tell Viaan whatever she’s going to tell her. She says that though Viaan is sensitive about his dad, his dad, and Eshan’s dad are founders of the company, so Viaan’s dad needs to be included in the AV. Katha agrees with her.


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