Katha Ankahee 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha returning the extra money Viaan gave her and then leaving the place. Viaan looks at her then takes the money in his hand then walks out of his room and sees Katha is leaving. Viaan stares at her. Katha calls Falguniben and inquires her about Aarav’s chemotherapy then tells her she will be there soon then enters the elevator.

Later Viaan recalls Katha asking him for money also agreeing to his conditions then returning extra money. He then asks what’s the difference between one crore three lakhs and one crore two lakhs and seventeen thousand and wonders why Katha is like this. He then recalls Katha’s resignation decision so calls Jenny and asks her to send Katha an official mail the company is accepting her resignation. Katha comes to the hospital.

Katha Ankahee 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Falguniben informs her that Aarav is so weak and asks to take care of him then leaves. Katha goes to Aarav and the latter tells him that he was waiting for her for a long time. Katha says even she is wanted to return to him soon. She then inquires about his health. Aarav answers each question. He then asks her how she knows all his issues. Katha says it’s because her heart and soul are with him and she knows everything that’s happening inside him.

Aarav asks Katha if she told him the brave one was only taken to the hero ward but when he was taken inside he was so scared then how he will become a superhero. Katha acts like she is upset with Aarav as he watched so many superhero movies yet asking such questions. She then tells him until the magic power superhero receives and realizes that he has super power it’s normal to get scared. Aarav asks Katha to be on his side throughout this process and his surgery.

Katha promises him the same. Aarav goes back to sleep and Katha kisses his forehead. In the office, Ehsan acts as both Viaan and Katha’s part of the conversation and asks what happened that led Katha to give them a resignation letter. Viaan defends himself saying that Katha isn’t ready to accept nor face the questions he asked about her professionalism so she ended up taking such decisions in this what is his mistake though? He further adds that he decides to accept her resignation.

Ehsan gets furious and reminds Viaan that Katha is the project manager of their Dubai heritage project without her and that they can continue this. He also praises Katha for her dedication and commendable work ethic. He then asks Viaan why he fires her. Viaan shouts at Ehsan he didn’t fire her but Katha decides to quit. He also adds that he accepted her decision and asks Ehsan to do the same which is good for everyone.

Ehsan leaves the place saying he will do what he wants to in this matter. Nivedita and a few other colleagues gossip about Katha. Ehsan continuously calls someone. In the hospital, Dr.Amit questions the nurse which makes Katha worry so she asks Dr.Amit if is everything fine. The latter assures her everything is fine and he is talking about the print taken by the nurse. Katha gets relieved.

Dr.Amit asks her to remain calm and explains to her it’s normal for Aarav to become weak after chemotherapy. Katha asks him to make her as his part of his plan too similar way she made him. Dr.Amit advises her to act which dilutes the medicine by spending lots of time with Aarav. Katha assures him the same. She then receives a call from Ehsan continuously but she rejects it and refuses to accept it.

Yuvraj suggests Kailash tire onboard return the chef to their hotel which will profit them more. Kailash taunts him. Reet who is feeding Aarna hears it. Kavita gets worried when she calls Katha’s number and it’s switched off. Kailash signs at Kavita and the latter signs at him no. Kailash then talks to Yuvraj about their hotel in which the food is made traditionally and classically which many people look out for.

Reet interrupts their conversation and scolds her husband for not understanding the values of traditional and classic things. She then tells Kailash that she is from a village so she knows its value then talks about Kavita’s kKanganwhich she liked more even though so much jewelry Kavita gave her. She then tells that she wanted to make similar bangles to Kavita’s kKanganfor her daughters she asks Kavita to give her. Kavita says the Kangan isn’t in the locker.

Reet tries to instigate Kailash against Kavita but Kailash takes a stand for Kavita saying Kavita’s father gave her that kKanganso and she has every right to do whatever she wants with that. Kavita gets happy whereas Yuvraj and Reet get upset. Kailash further advises Reet to respect the elders also not to question the elders like how they were taught in their village then goes to Kavita and asks her to wait for Katha’s reply and f she doesn’t get anything then let him know.

Katha Ankahee 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Kavita agrees. Other side Katha tells Raeva all this while she was running a lot she doesn’t even get time but after resigning from the job now she has so much time she feels good. Raeva tells Katha that she knows she won’t want to deal with Viaan that’s why she is saying such things but Ehsan is trying to make everything normal so asks her not to worry.

Katha says to Raeva that she was waiting for this day for years now it’s here she won’t leave Aarav’s side at all. Raeva told Katha the office door is always open for her if she wants to sort out everything. She then tells Katha that she will be there for her always. Katha smiles at her gracefully.

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