Katha Ankahee 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha saying the sandwich belongs to Viaan. Viaan stops her and struggles to say it’s his. Katha asks if he is going to stop her from having a sandwich. Viaan says no and tells her that he will have his sandwich, which is the best. He then takes the sandwich from Katha’s box without her knowledge and is surprised to find that the sandwiches are similar. He says the same. Katha questions him, which leads Viaan to make some excuses. Katha mocks him. On the other side, Aarav and his cousins play with Kailash.

Kavita suggests that Kailash help him. She, on the other hand, defeats him by being on time and making the kids happy. The kids leave happily after getting candy from their grandfather. Kavita tells Kailash that she defeated him to make him realize how similar the game is to their family. One pillar, Yuvraj, in the family, is with them, and they must protect him, or else no one will be able to stop this family from being destroyed, and he will leave. Kailash looks shocked.

Katha Ankahee 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan comes to a halt in front of a dhaba and informs them that they can wait there for a few minutes longer. Katha informs him that her son is waiting for her at home, so they can avoid getting stuck in traffic. Viaan hesitates but decides to leave, but Katha stops him and questions him about the real reason he was stopped in the dhaba. Viaan says he’s hungry. Katha scolds him but agrees to have food in the dhaba. Viaan prevents the dhaba owner from closing the dhaba and begs him to give him whatever leftovers there are.

The dhaba owner obliges and serves the food. Viaan grabs the food quickly. Katha gets amused at seeing him. Viaan signs at her to have her food. Jeetu Bhai calls Katha to let her know that Anirudh has submitted the designs and budget to the board. Even though Mr. Bhatra doesn’t like Anirudh, he can’t go against the board. Katha and Viaan ask Jeetu bhai how to overcome this situation. Jeetu Bhai informs them that they have already committed to the board and that their designs and budgetary ideas will be submitted in two hours.

Katha gets upset. Viaan confidently states that Katha will make the design. He also adds that he will make the budget plans. Katha brings her things outside to make designs, but the dhaba owner switches off the lights, saying he can’t leave them on, then leaves the place. Viaan uses his car headlights to help Katha use the light to make designs. Viaan stares at her when Katha is too busy thinking to make a design. He then approves Katha’s design. They both agree to send the information to Jeetu Bhai. The car light goes off, shocking Katha and Viaan.

Here, Nirija receives a call from her other son, Rajat. The latter expresses his displeasure with Nirija’s behavior and then disconnects the call. Nirija sobs uncontrollably, and when Aarav questions her, she lies about how cutting onions made her cry. Aarav says no one will use onion hereafter, which makes Nirija happy, and she hugs the former. Kailash tells Kavita about the dos and don’ts list he has created for Yuvraj, which makes the latter happy. Kavita also advises Kailash to let Yuvraj make mistakes, because only through mistakes can they learn their lessons.

She also says they shouldn’t treat Yuvraj like Aditya. Kailash agrees. Viaan learns that the car battery is dead, which she tells Katha. Katha scolds him. Viaan gets anxious recalling what happened during their Dubai trip, so he starts blabbering, telling Katha to trust him because he didn’t do anything intentionally. Katha clarifies that she isn’t accusing him.

Viaan gets relieved. They both wonder what to do next. Viaan notices Katha is shivering due to the cold, so he gives her his jacket and makes her wear it. He then realizes it is his friend Vinayak, whose farmhouse is nearby, so he calls him, but the line gets disconnected. Katha and Viaan get upset.


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