Katha Ankahee 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha saying to Aarav that she has to go tonight. Aarav asks where will she sleep if she stays a night in the office. Katha recalls Viaan’s words. She then tells him she can’t able to stay with him. Aarav asks her to return to the hospital even if it takes midnight. Katha tells him she can’t. She further asks him to act like the man of the house she wants him to be and take care of himself for a night.

Aarav asks Katha a man of the house not to stay outside at the night. Katha feels helpless. She then requests Aarav to stay as his monkey and grow up later. She further tells him she needs a hug from him and puts her head on him. Aarav caresses her and tells her everything will be alright. Another side Viaan is in a conversation with one of their employee. He shouts at him for delaying and questions him.

Katha Ankahee 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

The employee tells him to trust him that he will complete the work on time. He also tells that he gave updates regarding this to Katha. Viaan gets furious and asks the employee to let him update the details too. Ehsan hears the conversation and asks Viaan to calm down because they will complete their work on time. He further adds that Katha is there to manage everything. Viaan tells him they can’t risk anything by giving all permissions to Katha.

Ehsan gets confused and asks him what happened to him. Why he is acting like three days back? He also reminds him of praising and promoting Katha in front of their staff then what happened all of sudden. Viaan tells trust is the most important part of life they can’t put it on everyone. Ehsan asks Viaan to calm down saying he will look after the project and then asks him if he is hiding anything from him. Viaan looks on. In the hospital, Raeva expresses her joy learning Katha managed to arrange the money.

She then asks her who agreed to help her. Katha lies to her. She also tells that she has to go out tonight. She then gets nervous. Raeva notices and asks Katha if is she hiding anything. Katha says nothing and hug one another. They both say only one night after that everything will change the way they wanted to be. Viaan tells Ehsan all he is telling him is this isn’t right to trust a person blindly who is new. He then tells him that he has some work to do.

Ehsan teases him by asking who he is going to see. Viaan tells him it’s just a one-time thing and goes to his room. Ehsan wonders what happened to Viaan. Viaan and Katha enter their respective room. Katha looks at her reflection in the mirror. She then sends a text to Viaan. Viaan gets furious and replies back to her. Katha gets shocked reading the message and then gets ready for the night. Katha says to herself that she faced fear in so many ways but this is the first time she is facing darkness.

She takes Aarav’s photo and says but he is going to shine as a star to give her strength to get through this night and puts his photo inside her bag. Kavita puts Kailash’s medicine and asks him to have it because it’s the doctor’s instructions. Kailash mocks her to send the doctor to serve him. Kavita says it’s her who married him so she doesn’t have any chance but to stay with him. She further adds women are always controlled by their husbands.

Husbands may free them for some time when their wives cry or act stubborn but in the end, the power goes into the hand of the husbands. Kailash asks her why she talks like this. She has never behaved with him this way or said such things then what made her say such things? He also asks her if he gives her permission to do what she wanted to what she will do.

Kavita tells him the first thing she will never stay with a person who doesn’t care about a mother’s pain and a grandmother’s worries and also a grandchild’s struggle to fight to live a life. She will run away from him and goes to her grandson. She also adds that she won’t forget that he left her side for one crore and a few lakhs and then decides to leave the room. Kailash stops her and asks her for one crore and how many lakhs are needed. Kavita stares at him.

Viaan packs the bag full of money and sits on his bed. He then gets ready to meet Katha. Katha also gets into her cab. Viaan looks at the bag which is filled with money and gets furious. He gets annoyed while driving the car recalling Katha’s words. Katha receives a call from Dr.Amit. She tells him that she arranged the money and he will get it by the next day morning and asks him to do the needful.

Katha Ankahee 23rd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Dr.Amit gets happy and expresses it to her. He also tells her the next day he will call the donor of Aarav and asks her to meet him too. Katha asks him her Aarav will recover for sure right? He can play like other kids and also live a long life even after she passes away right?

Dr.Amit tells her that he doesn’t know how she made the impossible thing possible and arranged the money. All he can say is both medical science and God won’t disappoint her at all and also praises her. Katha looks on with tear-filled eyes.

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