Katha Ankahee 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha calling Dr.Amit and asking if she can’t able to arrange funds and then whether they can seek some time New York doctor’s team. She also asks if they can ask Indian doctor’s help to treat Aarav. Dr.Amit tells her it’s not possible. Katha tells him that he is the one who treating Aarav for a while so she believes in him and that he will save Aarav for sure and goes hyper.

Dr.Amit asks her to calm down. He also tells her that he knows well she is fighting for a long time. But she has to understand how difficult it was for them to find a donor for Aarav also there are many people in this world who suffer from this illness and aren’t lucky enough to find a donor. Also as a doctor, he knows about a patient and how much time they can fight against their illnesses Aarav fought for two years already so he doesn’t have time anymore so pleads with Katha to do something to arrange the money. Katha feels helpless and cries. She puts her head on the nearby table feeling sad.

Katha Ankahee 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Viaan is in his room. He notices Katha entering his room. He tells Katha but Katha beats him and says that she agrees to his condition which shocks Viaan. Viaan clarifies with Katha whether he heard it right or not and gets furious when Katha repeats that she agrees to his condition. She also tells that she has few conditions of her own all the while not looking at Viaan.

Viaan angrily asks her what’s her condition. Katha tells her this should stay between them and no matter what happens they shouldn’t talk about this at all. She further adds that this shouldn’t affect her job. Viaan asks her when the day is. Katha tells her about today’s night. She also says she has one more condition that is she wants the money on the same day. Viaan agrees. Katha leaves the place hiding her tears.

Katha and Viaan are on their way back from the office. They both recall one another’s condition. Katha then recalls Aarav’s happiness after he learns he is going to cure. Viaan recalls Katha asked him to pay the money right after the night they spends the night together. Viaan closes his eyes and thinks that he is trying to change the way he thinks but darkness is surrounding him everywhere so what he should do? He then reaches his home.

Ehsan’s mother informs Ehsan that Teji opened an NGO for women and children who are in need. Ehsan praises Teji. Viaan tells them that he will be back and goes to the kitchen. Ehsan asks Viaan not to have the salad made by him as dinner tonight too but Viaan ignores him and starts making a salad. He recalls Katha’s words and gets furious so he chops the vegetables angrily. Ehsan tells Teji that he is willing to help her with her NGO.

Teji and Ehsan’s mother tells the only help both of them want from him and Viaan is to get them married and give them grandkids. She further asks Ehsan if they both have any conditions. Viaan recalls Katha’s condition. Ehsan tells his mother wants a daughter-in-law for her but he wants a wife so he will choose on his own. He then calls out to Viaan to join their conversation because both of their mothers are discussing their lives.

Teji asks Viaan if he has any conditions. Viaan completes making the salad and goes to the dining table where he tells nowadays all relationships are based on conditions only. Ehsan jokes at their mothers not to make Viaan a philosopher. Ehsan’s mother asks Teji to tell them if there is an interesting story. Teji tells them how a mother is desperate to buy socks for her kid so she gave a small amount as a loan. Viaan asks his mother not to trust people easily.

Ehsan tells that it’s an NGO so they have to trust people to do charities. Viaan talks about the kind of impact a person goes through because the other one breaks their trust. Ehsan again jokes at Viaan for getting serious. He then suggests to celebrate the night by going out for dinner for Teji to open an NGO. Viaan asks Ehsan to celebrate with their mothers as he can’t join because he has some important work but refuses to tell anything more than that.

Kailash coughs and struggles to breathe. Reet and her daughter complain about one another. They ask Kailash to buy them a tab and a dollhouse. Reet scolds them but Kailash took his granddaughter’s side and asks her to fulfill their wishes. Both his granddaughters get happy and hug him. Kavita who is reading books completely ignores them. Reet notices it but praises both Kailash and Kavita for the love they are showering on her kids.

Yuvraj suggests his father go to the doctor but Kailash refuses to say he will take homemade medicine. He then learns from Reet the way Kavita is ignoring Kailash is that he refuses to help Katha. Kailash asks Kavita to make him Kada but the latter asks their cook to make it so Kailash gets angry and asks Reet to stop their cook from making Kada for them. Reet obliges. Kailash asks Katha about the way she is behaving with him.

Katha Ankahee 22nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Reet wonders why Kailash acts like her in front of Kavita. On the other side, Aarav caresses Katha who is sleeping beside him. Katha wakes up and assures Aarav that she isn’t sleepy at all. Aarav senses Katha is stressed so he cries and says that he doesn’t want magic treatment.

Katha calms him down and tells him she has him only in her life and she wants to see him live a long life. Aarav agrees to the treatment. He then asks Katha not to leave his side. Katha tells him she has worked for an entire night today so asks him to stay with Raeva. Aarav worriedly asks her where will she sleep if she works an entire night in the office. Katha looks on.

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