Katha Ankahee 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a lady bringing her child and calling out to the doctor asking to check on her child who lost lots of blood. Katha watches this and becomes anxious. Raeva comes there. Katha tells Raeva this isn’t fair God gives a mother the to give birth to a child but the mother can’t able to save the child.

She also talks about Aarav who is always the person who is active here. Now he is under this medicine and machine which she unable to witness it. Raeva asks Katha to have water. Katha asks Raeva not to try to console her because if no one can help her save Aarav then no one can able to console her. Raeva tells her that she is going to give her suggestion to ask for help from Viaan.

Katha Ankahee 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha gets shocked. Raeva tells her now she is a permanent employee of the company also Viaan not only appreciated her in front of everyone but also apologized to her. She saved the company’s future so she has the right to ask loan. Other side Kailash enters the room expressing his hatred for Katha to his wife. He calls Katha a shameless woman and also tries to humiliate him by creating scenes.

His wife reminds him about the day they lost their son Aditya and that day he was there with her for an entire day also till date whenever she feels like she can’t able to do anything whenever she gets haunted by the loss of their son he is there for her leaving all the works behind but he is surprised to see his behavior now. She then praises Katha for going to an extent to save her child saying this is how a mother should act.

She also tells that she feels like not only lost her son but her husband too now. Kailash looks on. Katha tells Raeve it’s not easy to ask for such a huge amount as a loan from Viaan or the company as Jitu told. Raeva tells her to take Ehsan’s help to convince Viaan to get a loan. She further reminds her about her help in saving the future of the company also Ehsan always praises her also when they all think Viaan is going to fire her he stands up for her and also fought with Viaan.

She also tells Ehsan to praise her for introducing Katha to this company also he is a calm person and sensible one too so he will definitely help her get the loan. Katha looks on. Another side Kailash accuses Katha of Aditya’s death and also refuses to help her. His wife tells him that he fails to notice a mother’s pain even though he witnessed it already.

She also tells his hatred for Katha is stopping him from saving Aarav. She also tells him about her visit to Katha’s house the other day where she met Aarav and how lovely he was and they missed so much of his childhood. She further adds that Aarav is Aditya’s son if he fails to help him now then definitely he will have to answer Aditya after he lost his life and meets him up there then leaves the place.

Raeva suggests Katha have this conversation with Ehsan the next day which is Saturday and there will be not many people who will work in the office. She also adds that she will take care of Aarav until then. The next day Katha goes to the hospital. She feels nervous but enters the cabin. She gets shocked seeing Viaan in place of Ehsan.

She tells Viaan that she is here to meet Ehsan to talk to him about something important. Viaan asks her to share with him but Katha refuses to say she will wait for Ehsan. Viaan tells her Ehsan is on leave shocking Katha. Katha says that she doesn’t have time to wait for a long time and decides to ask Viaan’s help.

Katha tells Viaan that she wants a loan of one crore two lakhs rupees. Viaan gets shocked. He recalls every interaction he had with Katha also her performance and reminds her that she become a permanent employee the previous day only but she is asking such a huge amount because she thinks she did a huge favor to this company and also apologized to her in front of everyone. Katha apologizes to him and asks him to forget the conversation they had said she understands what he told her.

Katha Ankahee 21st December 2022 Written Episode Update

She decides to leave but Viaan stops her and tells her that he will give her the amount but she has to spend a night with him. Katha gets furious and shouts at Viaan also tells him she is not for sale and asks him to find another project head for his Dubai project then leaves. Viaan tells himself that he knows Katha is different from other women. He thanks God for proving him right and also tells himself that he is sorry for what he told Katha.

Falguniben video calls Katha and tells her that Aarav wants to talk to her. Aarav senses Katha is crying which makes him worry but Katha tells him she is under work pressure. Aarav asks her whether she arranged the money for his treatment or not. Katha scolds him for thinking about this all and also lies that she arranged money for his magic treatment. Aarav cries and asks her then why she isn’t returning and tells her he is scared and pleads for her to come to the hospital. Katha cries hard and cuts the call.

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