Katha Ankahee 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha working on something while a few workers arrive there, and Meera informs her about the gift she made for the guests. Another employee taunts Meera. Katha suggests that Meera give the gifts to the guests on her own.

Meera tells Katha that she has an appointment with her doctor and that she can’t live without meeting her boyfriend. She then lies to Katha, saying that she has an appointment with her doctor. Katha asks Shikha to take over the responsibility. Shikha gets upset, so she tells Katha that Meera is having a relationship with a married man; often, she leaves office hours to be with her boyfriend.

Katha Ankahee 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Meera, who went to bring guest lists, shouts at Shikha. They both get into an argument. Katha sends Shikha out. Meera thanks Katha for her stand. She then apologizes to Katha for lying to her. Then she tells Katha about her affair with a married man. She informs Katha that the man with whom she is having an affair is dealing with family issues. She seeks Katha’s advice. Katha advises Meera not to let her relationship interfere with her professional life and to avoid such relationships. Meera thanks me and then walks away.

Keeth makes an announcement to dedicate a song to Viaan and Katha, whom he introduced as his old and new friends, surprising both Katha and Viaan. Ehsan and Farah get upset. A woman comes to perform a song. Ehsan takes Katha to meet Farah. Farah praises her. Teji takes Viaan with her to meet a few of the guests. Those men praise both Viraaj and Viaan.

Viaan gets upset hearing it. Katha notices it. Viaan excuses himself and leaves the place. After the song comes to an end, Jeetu bhai reminisces about his time at the company and shares his experience working under Viraaj and Saleem, as well as with Viaan and Ehsan. Nivedita praises Viaan, and Ehsan then announces everyone should watch the journey video of Earthcon.

The AV starts with Katha talking about the earlier stages of Earthcon. She talks about Viraaj and Saleem’s idea and their efforts to create this empire. Viaan turns around and refuses to watch the video, whereas everyone gets happy watching the AV. Ehsan and Viaan also talk about their father’s idea to create Earthcon. Katha talks about the hard work of both Viraaj and Saleem. She then starts praising Viaan and Ehsan, which shocks both Teji and Viaan. Katha smiles. She talks about both Viaan and Ehsan’s hard work and passion for creating this empire.

Teji’s business associate tells her the AV is nice, but it should have looked great if Viraj’s efforts had been mentioned. Tej forces a smile. Katha compliments both bosses for treating them like family. She further asks everyone to forget the past, focus on the future, and celebrate Viaan and Ehsan.

The AV comes to an end. Everyone applauds. Teji recalls watching the AV and then getting furious that Katha changed it. Farah and Ehsan praise Katha. Teji asks Katha to follow her as she wants to talk to her about something important, then leaves. Katha obliges. Viaan looks on with worry-filled eyes.

Other side Kailash looks at the photo of Aditya and Yuvraj. He expresses his displeasure with Yuvraj to Kavita. The latter asks him to give him some time. Meanwhile, Yuvraj went out to vent about his family members’ treatment of him. Meera calms him down. She then makes a joke with him to lighten the mood, and she also promises to be with him always. Kailash praises Katha and says to Kavita that it’s his idea to hand over the business to her.

Reet gets shocked and angry upon hearing this. Teji asks Katha who gave her permission to change the AV. She says that she wanted to tell everyone about Viraj’s legacy, but Katha ruined everything. Katha tells Teji her intentions are not to hurt her or disrespect Viraaj. Teji shouts at her. Viaan arrives there and requests to calm down Teji, but the latter refuses and accuses Katha. Viaan tells Teji that whatever Katha did was right. Teji looks shocked.


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