Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Katha receiving a call from Kavita, who inquires about her. Katha responds that she is fine and inquires as to why she has called her. Kavita hesitates, then asks her to bring Aarav with her to their house one day and asks, “Is that possible?” Katha asks Kavita to inform Kailash that she will bring Aarav with her one day so that they can spend time with him.

Especially his grandfather, who can spend some quality time with Aarav by talking about their favorite sport, cricket. Kavita and Kailash get happy hearing it. Katha tells Kavita that she will check Aarav’s tuition schedule and drop him off at their house in the coming days. Kavita agrees and then disconnects the call.

Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Kailash expresses his happiness to Kavita and then tells her that he wishes to have Adi’s favorite carrot halwa, so he requests that she make it for him and Aarav. Kavita reminds him about his diabetes, so Kailash promises not to have more than one spoon. Kavita agrees. Viaan, on the other hand, smiles when he sees Aarav’s thank-you card.

Ehsan, who enters, is surprised to see a thank-you card from Aarav for Viaan, so he questions him, “When did he meet Aarav?” Viaan informs him that Aarav went missing the day before and that he assisted Katha in finding him, thus the thank-you card. Ehsan gets furious and asks Viaan why he didn’t inform him. Viaan asks him, “Does he really think that he should inform him first and then help Katha?”

Ehsan asks him why he didn’t inform him afterward and says now he understands the happy behavior of yesterday. Viaan admits he is happy, but because Katha found Aarav. Ehsan questions whether Viaan and Katha are having a secret relationship behind his back. Viaan gets furious and shouts at Ehsan.

He then warns Ehsan not to say such things against Katha, who is from a reputed family and also a good woman. He also says to Ehsan that he helped a mother who was having trouble finding her kid, and they don’t have any relationship. Ehsan informs Viaan about his plan to take Katha with him to Jaipur for their next project, then leaves the place after taunting him not to try to stop him this time.

Jenny tells me that Earth Con has been in business for fifty years. So they are planning a 50th-anniversary celebration, for which Jitu bhai assigns each employee a task and asks Katha to work in company AV, to which Katha agrees. Jenny tells her she will help her, then leaves. Ehsan enters and asks Katha why she didn’t inform him about Aarav’s disappearance.

Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Why he didn’t call him in an accusatory tone is why Katha gets angry, so she shouts at him, saying her priority is to find Aarav. Ehsan gets taken aback by Katha’s outburst. He then apologizes to Katha. Viaan watches this from his cabin and gets upset when Ehsan holds Katha and the latter gets uncomfortable. Ehsan asks Katha to contact him when she is in trouble and then leaves the place.

Katha gets confused. She then gets shocked when Aarav informs her how his school guard thought her boss was his father, which he didn’t like a single bit. Katha calms him down, saying no one can replace Adi’s place in their lives. Nirija questions Katha’s hatred for her boss then makes a joke when the doorbell rings and goes inside.

Katha is shocked and surprised to see Ehsan again. Ehsan apologizes to her for not informing her before arriving, but he is worried for Aarav. He then meets Aarav, advises him not to pull another stunt like the one the day before, and shares his phone number with Katha. Aarav rudely replies to him.

Katha then says to Ehsan that Aarav is the only man in her life and she only needs a friend, not more than that. She also warns him that his frequent visits to their home may have an adverse effect on Aarav, which she does not want. Ehsan assures her he wants to be her friend only. Katha thanked him. Ehsan hides his emotions. Aarav yells, wondering what Ehsan thinks.

Katha Ankahee 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha says to him that Ehsan is her boss and friend. Aarav believes that Ehsan is Viaan. He decides to teach him a lesson. Teji, on the other hand, suggests that Viaan use old photographs for the 50th anniversary of Earth Con. Viaan agrees. Katha discovers the next day that Aarav wishes to join a karate class.

She tries to stop him, but Aarav remains stubborn, so she convinces him to go to the classes with Falguniben. Aarav agrees. Nirija questions Aarav about his motivation for enrolling in Karate classes. Aarav says he wants to teach a lesson to someone, then looks on.


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