Katha Ankahee 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Raeva telling Katha it’s not necessary to terminate an employee in front of everyone but assures her it must be not her. Viaan one of the employees scolds Katha. Viaan comes there and tells everyone that someone reminded him that this company is not just a workplace but like their family and the employees are like family members.

He then talks about Katha who went against his wish also how he doesn’t want this to happen again. He further adds that he is giving authority to Katha hereafter related to the project’s final decision which surprises everyone. Katha looks clueless but Raeva expresses her happiness. Viaan informs everyone about Katha’s brave decision to go against his wish because of which they secured the deal. Everyone cheers.

Katha Ankahee 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ishaan gets happy with Viaan’s decision. Katha gets emotional. Viaan tells this meeting most important and rewarding moment is this and gives her an offer letter saying it’s his personal apology and the thank you from the company’s side. He further tells her she is a permanent employee and says she will have one year contract.

He then tells the employees they will receive a mail in that it will be clear that Katha is the lead project manager of the Dubai project and she has every right to take the final decision that is related to the project. Katha gets happy. Viaan mocks Ieshaan for always taunting him for being an egoistic person. He then tells Katha as a project leader she should have to be more careful keeping the employees in her mind and that for him work is everything so asks Katha not to do anything that will affect the employees which will upset him.

He also tells her his top priority is his work so asks her to be more cautious. Katha nods and assures Viaan that she won’t disappoint him at all. Ieshaan teases Viaan. Viaan leaves the place. Ieshaan congratulates Katha and Jitu bhai praises her. Ieshaan expresses his happiness for Katha becoming a permanent employee of this company.

He also talks about organizing a party. Katha becomes restless and tells Ieshaan she won’t drink. Ieshaan tells her he will drink her share too. Katha receives a call from Falguniben so she excuses herself and goes aside to talk to her. She inquires Falguniben about Aarav’s fever. Falguniben cries and tells that Aarav is in an unconscious state. She is taking him to the hospital. Katha gets shocked. She rushes to the hospital.

Dr.Amit checks up on Aarav and urges the staff to take Aarav to ICU. He goes inside to check on Aarav further. Katha tries to go inside but gets stopped by the nurse who tells her she isn’t allowed inside. Katha nods okay and looks at Aarav with tear-filled eyes. Dr.Amit comes out and says something to Katha but the latter doesn’t respond. He makes her come out of her state and asks her if she arranged money for the treatment because Aarav’s health is worsening and they have to operate on him immediately.

Katha remains silent. Dr.Amit asks her whether she arranged the money or not. Katha asks him if he told her she has still some more days on her hand. Dr.Amit tells her it’s not his but Aarav’s illness is not giving them time so the sooner Aarav gets operated the more he will be out of danger and once again asks her about the arrangements for money.

Katha becomes anxious but tells Dr.Amit that she will arrange the money in two days after he explains her details about Aarav’s current state. Katha comes out of the hospital. She recalls asking help from everyone from Kailash to the bank staff’s for the loan but no one agreed to help her. She also recalls Aarav’s faith in her that he will recover also the doctor’s words about Aarav’s current health state. She then gets into an auto rickshaw to go somewhere.

Other side Ieshaan expresses his happiness to Viaan for agreeing to have a drink with him without complaining like before. He further praises Viaan for promoting Katha but scaring everyone with his speech before the announcement. Viaan smiles and tells Ieshaan that he did tell her that Katha has to make him helpless to promote her which she has done it so he promoted her. He also praises Katha for her dedication.

Ieshaan also praises Katha for going against Viaan’s wish and making them get this project. He further tells Viaan about the way Abadali’s behavior changed towards them after they have completed their first task. He also tells Viaan how stressed Katha was before everything that’s related to this project. Viaan congrats Ieshaan for them getting this deal.

Katha Ankahee 19th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Yuvraj argues with their hotel chef after their hotel faces criticism. The chef defends his actions and decides to leave the place getting upset but Kailash comes there just in time. Meanwhile, Katha comes to the hotel which Kailash owns, and tells the receptionist she wants to meet Katha. Another employee comes there and asks Katha to wait while he checks with Kailash.

He then orders the receptionist not to send Katha until he tells her and also informs her that Katha is none other than Adi’s wife. They both then gets shocked not finding Katha there. Kailash calms down the chef and sends him inside. He then scolds and advises Yuvraj to learn how to behave with their employees. Katha enters the kitchen. Kailash gets furious seeing her. Katha looks on

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