Katha Ankahee 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a party starting in Garewal’s house. Kavita’s guests wish her for her birthday. She then calls Saritha and asks her to look after the work she gave her. Sarita assures her that all the food items she asked for have been made. Reet hears it and asks Kavita for whom she arranged all this. Kavita says it’s for kids. Reet says she knows well she doesn’t allow the kids to have these kinds of food right?

Kavita says this is for Aarav and expresses her happiness to meet him, then leaves. Reet gets annoyed and shares her disappointment with Yuvraj, but the latter reminds her that both Katha and Aarav are guests and nothing more than that, so Reet leaves. Aarav and Katha come to the party venue. Aarav calms down an anxious Katha, and the latter also advises Aarav to be on his best behavior, especially when he meets Kailash.

Katha Ankahee 18th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Viaan arrives at the party with Farah and Teji. Both Katha and Viaan fail to see one another. Avantika, one of Teji’s friends, gets happy seeing Viaan and tries to play a matchmaker role for her daughter Jahnvi, which makes Viaan uncomfortable. Farah takes Avantika away. Viaan expresses his suffocation at being at the party, so Teji allows him to leave the party.

Teji and Farah meet Kavita and wish her a birthday. All three of them talk about their good old days and joke about how young Kavita is. Farah congratulates Kavita for becoming a grandmother for the third time. Kavita says it’s the fourth time and informs them about Aarav. Teji tells that both she and Farah’s son aren’t yet married yet here she is going to become grandmother for the fourth time and congratulates her.

Kavita inquires both Teji and Farah about Viaan and Ehsan saying she has seen them a long time back. Teji tells her Viaan tagged with them but he isn’t feeling comfortable so went outside. Kavita excuses herself and goes to Katha and Aarav. She expresses her happiness to them, then takes Aarav with her to introduce Kailash. Kailash gets emotional upon meeting Aarav and hugs him. Katha and Kavita also get emotional while witnessing this.

Reet and Katha greet one another. Katha inquires about Reet’s unborn child’s well-being. She then gives her girls gifts, which are books from Aarav’s side, saying Aarav is excited to learn about having cousins. Reet says that’s sweet, but her daughters read books on their tablets. She then tells Katha to let her know if she needs anything, as she is a guest, and as a party host, she doesn’t want to upset or disappoint her with anything. Katha says that she is perfectly fine.

Reet again tells Katha that she is the daughter-in-law of Garewal, so reach out to her if she wants anything. Just then, Avantika arrives there. She takes Kavita to the stage. She asks her to give a speech because it’s her day. Kavita agrees. She thanks everyone for coming to the party. She then says that she doesn’t speak much, but today she wants to as she is so happy after all this year. She then thanks both Reet and Yuvraj for the party arrangements.

She then says she has someone special she wants to thank. Teji and Farah say it’s Kailash. Kavita says she has another man in her life and signs with Aarav. She then calls Aarav to the stage. Aarav goes. Farah and Teji get confused when they see Aarav. Kavita introduces Aarav to everyone as her grandson and also Adi’s son. Both Aarav and Kavita call Katha to the stage.

The latter hesitates but goes to the stage. Kavita gets emotional reminiscing about Adi. Teji asks her to be happy, as it’s her birthday. Kavita says that she is indeed happy after all these years. Reet gets annoyed and says to Yuvraj that Katha gets the limelight, which she has wanted for a long time. Aarav introduces himself, and Kavita introduces Katha as the eldest daughter-in-law of Garewal’s family.

Katha tells the guests about Aarav’s battle with cancer. She says Aarav meant to meet and be with his grandmother; that’s the reason he fought bravely and is standing here with her. She says that she is so happy that she got her birthday gift. Kavita further adds that the only reason Aarav is alive and healthy is because of that one person who turned every impossible matter into possible and about to take Katha’s name but Katha takes the mic from Kavita and gives credit to Aarav.

Kavita once again tries to praise Katha, but every time Katha changes her speech by talking about Aarav’s bravery and Kavita’s blessings, which stayed with Aarav throughout everything, which makes both Kavita and Kailash emotional. Katha praises Aarav, then introduces him as a superhero and calls him a macho monkey man. Teji and Farah get happy seeing Katha. They both praise her for being a strong woman and think she can become the face of their NGO. Katha calls the Garewals on stage and takes a selfie with them.

Reet looks upset. Kavita takes Katha with her to introduce her to the guest, but Teji and Farah stop them and introduce themselves to Katha. They both praise Katha, tell her about their NGO, and want her help. Katha jokes that the only help she can give is by sharing stories about her life. Aarav arrives there. Farah and Aarav have a cute interaction. Farah and Teji tell Katha both of their son’s grown up with the Garewal boys only. Katha asks them what their sons are doing now. Both Teji and Farah look at one another and stare ahead.

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