Katha Ankahee 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Teji getting emotional and saying to Katha that everyone will understand Viraj’s efforts. She talks to Katha about Viraj and Saleem’s passion for Earthcon, and everyone will understand Viraj’s efforts. She talks to Katha about Viraj and Saleem’s passion for Earthcon. Katha talks about the love Teji has for Viraj. Teji praises Katha, then again watches the AV.

Katha conducts an investigation into Viaan and Teji, wondering what kind of love Teji has for Viraj that has broken her son Viaan.On the other side, Kailash scolds Yuraj for changing the vendor. Yuvraj defends his decision and asks him why he wants to give responsibilities to him, then takes Aditya’s name. Yuvraj gets upset. Reet looks furious.

Katha Ankahee 17th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha arrives there with Aarav. Reet taunts Yuvraj. Kailash says to Katha that Kavita went to the dentist and asks her to wait. Katha says she will meet her later, then decides to leave. Reet stops her and tells her that she saw her with someone the previous night. Katha tries to tell her who it is, but Reet interrupts and says that she understands that, as a single woman, she must be in need of a man’s attention.

Katha gets shocked but tells Reet that she must’ve had some misunderstanding. Reet says she understands what it’s like to be alone. Katha gets annoyed and tells Reet that she is happy and content with Aarav by her side and Aditya’s memories. Reet mocks Katha and asks why she is coming to take her family away from her. If it’s because she is financially suffering, then she is willing to help her.

Katha gets angry and tells Reet that she is capable of handling finances on her own. She is bringing Aarav here to reconnect with his grandparents and nothing else. She also says to Reet that she understands she is behaving this way due to her pregnancy mood swings. Reet taunts her, saying she knows Katha’s intentions well, so she asks her not to pretend in front of her, then goes inside.

Katha appears stunned. She meets Yuvraj outside. Yuvraj dispatches an auto for Katha. Katha tells Yuvraj that Adi used to talk about him a lot. He truly missed his brother. Yuvraj mocks him, asking if he didn’t miss his brother Adi. He further vents his frustration over Kailash’s comparison with Adi, then leaves. Katha gets shocked. Later, Katha and Aarav return home.

Viaan calls Katha and informs her of Abadali’s request to meet with them immediately to make some changes, but it’s after office hours, so he declines. Katha believes it would be preferable if they met with Abadali and discussed the situation; she has no objections to meeting with him at this time. Viaan tells Katha that he will pick her up. Katha agrees.

Katha and Viaan are on their way to meet Abdali. Viaan informs Katha about Abadali’s demand to increase seats in the auditorium. Katha says it will ruin everyone’s good time, and Abdali can’t make such demands on them. The car comes to a stop at the traffic lights. Viaan is taken aback when he sees the woman with whom Viraj had an affair. Katha also realizes this after seeing Viaan’s reaction. Viaan tells Katha that they are canceling the meeting and drops her off at home, saying he will talk to Abadali. Katha nods in agreement.

Viaan reaches home. He recalls Teji’s plea with Viraj. Teji shares her excitement with Viaan about their celebration the next day. Viaan goes to his room silently. The next day, Katha checks the arrangements. She then sees that Viaan is uncomfortable. Ehsan arrives there with both Teji and Farah in his arms. Teji expresses her joy and excitement with Farah about going to revisit their memories through the AV. She further adds to Farah’s assertion that she has already seen the AV. Farah makes a joke. Ehsan searches for Katha. Viaan looks on.


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