Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ehsan going to Katha and Aarav’s house, where he shares his happiness at spending time on a yacht. Katha enquires about the reason behind his lack of excitement and asks him to tell her if he doesn’t want to go; then she will inform him. Aarav says no, then informs them he is ready to go with them. Ehsan receives a call from Teji.

Teji informs him that she learned of his interest from a local royal family. She says Parnalekha is here, so she invited her for dinner and asked him to accompany them. Ehsan hesitates but agrees to meet Parnalekha. He then informs Katha that their plan is getting postponed because of his new project, which is more important to him. Katha says that they can go some other day. Ehsan apologizes to Viaan and leaves.

Katha Ankahee 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Later, Ehsan arrives at the house where Viaan, his mother, Viaan’s mother, and Teji’s friend (the aforementioned queen) are staying. Ehsan feels they are all angry, so he starts blabbering, saying he is busy with his site visit. Teji and Farah pretend, with Parnalekha saying she is upset. Ehsan tries to apologize to Parnalekha in Urdu. They all laugh. Ehsan gets relieved. He then joins the others. Teji complains that Parnalekha is overworked now that she is queen. Parnalekha shares her plans in Mumbai, yet she decides to visit her old friend.

She then tells Viaan and Ehsan that it is her job to get their projects approved. In return, she asks her to bring Teji to her hometown to meet them. Viaan and Ehsan oblige. Farah praises Viaan and Ehsan’s friendship and how Viaan persuades them to call Ehsan to have a family dinner together with Parnalekha. Ehsan gets shocked and looks at Viaan, and the latter gets uncomfortable, so he tries to have a conversation with the ladies. Ehsan takes Viaan aside.

Ehsan informs Viaan that he has purchased a new yacht. Viaan pretends to be surprised and congratulates him. Ehsan smiles at him in a mocking way. He then adds that he has decided to bring Katha with him. He then asked Viaan if he knew about all of this and, if so, why he had arranged this family dinner with Parnalekha. Viaan refuses to accept Ehsan’s claims and asks Ehsan to trust him. Ehsan insists that Viaan assure Teji that he is unaware of his plans. Viaan remains silent. Farah calls on them both to join them. Ehsan agrees.

Viaan requests that Ehsan not misunderstand him because of Katha. Ehsan confronts Viaan about his feelings for Katha by demanding that he tell the truth by swearing at Teji. Viaan remains silent. Ehsan warns Viaan not to interfere between him and Katha because he truly loves her and threatens to cut all ties with him if he repeats this again, shocking Viaan. Ehsan then makes an excuse and leaves the dinner. Farah looks at Ehsan questioningly, but the latter forces a smile and leaves from there.

Teji shows a necklace to Viaan and tells him that she would like to give it to her daughter-in-law. Parnalekha informs Viaan that he is already in love, which explains his worried expression. She then talks about the kind of love they fall into. Farah says soon Viaan will find his love. Parnalekha decides to leave, and Farah accompanies her. Teji asks Viaan if he is in love.

The latter says no. Teji says she wants him to find his true love, which she had once upon a time. She further advises Viaan to not worry about the women’s reaction when he falls in love, realizes it first, and admits it to himself. She also teases Viaan. Viaan assures Teji that nothing of the sort will occur.

Other side Katha sees that Aarav is upset. She goes to him and inquires about what made him so upset. Aarav refuses to tell her anything, saying that now he is the man of the house. He then gives in to Katha’s request but makes her promise that she won’t help him, then informs her about him getting bullied at school. Katha gets shocked and furious.

She then tries to lighten up Aarav’s mood. Just then, Nirija comes from outside and complains about the weather. Katha makes jokes about it. Nirija then receives a call from a lady who demands that she tell them when she is arriving because they have to answer too, instead of giving them false information. Nirija says she will arrive soon, then looks sad and worried.


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