Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Reet throwing Katha’s homemade laddu in the trash. Katha asks Kailash why he isn’t even looking at her and says he is older than her, so he has every right to scold and bless her. Kailash regrets his action of failing to help her and Aarav, and instead of throwing them out of their lives, she is respecting them more than he deserves.

Katha and Kavita get emotional. Kailash breaks down and tells her that he failed to understand her pain. Katha claims that in that case, she failed to be there for him when he was in pain. Kailash says that he committed a sin by distancing himself from his son Aarav and his family. He should have trusted his son’s tastes, but he failed to do so as a father.

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

He doesn’t know how to rectify this. He further says that he thought she would never talk to him and refuse to have a relationship with him, but he is totally wrong about that. Katha recalls Viaan’s drunken confession and then wipes her tears away.

Later, Katha meets Viaan and says to him that she lied to him when he asked her whether he said anything the previous night when he was drunk, and she said no, but the truth is that he told her so many things. Viaan gets shocked. Katha asks Viaan if he is acting like he forgets everything or if he truly forgets.

Viaan says that all he remembers is that he did apologize to her. Katha looks on. On the other side, Aarav says to himself that he is sure of one thing: Robin must be in huge trouble; that’s why he didn’t meet him at all. He decides to call Robin (Viaan), then calls the latter. Viaan excuses himself from Katha and says to Batman (Aarav) that he will talk to him later. Aarav agrees. He then gets shocked when a few of his classmates throw ink at his school uniform.

He asks them for the same. Both guys insult him and ask him to fight with them. Aarav gets confused and asks why he has to fight with them, though. The boys laughed at him in a mocking way. Katha tells Viaan about his drunken conversation with her in the office. Katha smiles at Viaan because of the way he speaks to her, which irritates him.

Katha asks him to open himself up to her in order to feel lighter. Viaan struggles to speak. Ehsan watches them both from afar. Katha tells Viaan to speak to himself about whatever he wants to tell her, then come and tell her the same. Viaan agrees, and they both go to their respective cabins.

At school, the students purposefully hit Aarav and lied to the van driver, claiming they were just practicing karate. Here, Ehsan approaches Katha and invites her to accompany him later to inspect the yacht. Katha tells him about her plans with Aarav, so Ehsan asks her to bring him with her, assuring her that he is perfectly fine with Aarav’s presence. Katha agrees.

Ehsan then calls someone and instructs them on how he wants the yacht arrangements made. Viaan overhears it and gets upset, thinking this is what Ehsan is doing to impress girls, and now he is after Katha. He decides to tell this to Katha but stops himself, thinking that she won’t believe him at all. Nirija questions Aarav about the ink in his school uniform.

Aarav asks her to leave him alone and then goes to his room. Nirija complains that both Katha and Aarav behave like her family members. She then receives a call from someone and answers it hesitatingly. On the other side, Kailash scolds Yuvraj for his behavior. He then instructs him to complete all future work from home. Kavita suggests sending Yuvraj’s kids with Aarav to karate classes.

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Reet tries to stop, but Kailash tells her that Katha accepted them as their family, so let her fulfill her responsibilities as an aunt. Reet agrees and goes inside. Yuvraj apologizes to her, but Reet lashes out and says Katha will soon be staying with them in their house and they won’t be able to do anything, then insults Yuvraj and leaves.

Yuvraj calls someone to meet with him. Viaan returns home and thinks that he needs to stop Ehsan from making the mistake he is trying to make. He decides to talk to Ehsan but realizes that the latter will definitely misunderstand him and wonders what to do.

He then reads the newspaper and learns that someone he knows is in town. He takes his phone to message Katha but worries that she may misunderstand him; it’s not like Katha is a kid because he is sure she can take care of herself well. He then says to himself that it doesn’t mean he can’t warn her about Ehsan’s intentions; even after knowing this, if Katha decides to be with Ehsan, then it’s up to her, and she looks on in dilemma as to what to do.


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