Junooniyatt 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with a few thugs noticing Jahan holding money. Thugs steal the money from him. Jahan chases them behind. Ilahi notices him rushing out. She follows him behind. He meets with an accident. Ilahi inquires of him, “What happened? He didn’t answer her. Jahan informs the staff that he doesn’t know how the money got stolen. Jordan and his friends try to frame Jahan. They commented that Jahan must have stolen money. Last year something happened like that. Jahan asks them to make a complaint. Jordan’s friends humiliate Jahan in front of everyone.

We don’t even know if he is from Canada, and students like him should be thrown out. Jahan recalls his parents’ words and thinks that he can’t quit this college. He asks for time for them and leaves. Jordan’s friend questions, “Who did this to him? They think that Jordan wouldn’t do anything like that to him. Later, Jahan checks his account and finds only $50,000 in it. He thinks about how he will manage a whole month with 500 rupees. He returns the money to them. Jordan’s friends ask the staff to check whether it’s an original or a duplicate.

Junooniyatt 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Junooniyatt 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Varun and his fiance are discussing his job. She asks him why he didn’t inform his mom that she would like to work after marriage. He tells her that this marriage won’t take place if he informs them about this. She says to him that she can’t waste her MBA. Mahi comes there and tells her that taking care of this family is also important. They won’t allow this family woman to work outside. It’s their tradition. She tells her that Mahi was aware that she was taking care of her dad’s business. Mahi asks her who is the major shareholder in her father’s company. If she refuses to listen to her, then her father will face a tough situation. She asks her to start taking care of this family.

She asks Mahi. Will she allow Jordan’s wife to work? Mahi tells her that rules apply to everyone here. She gives the Arathi to everyone. Jahan thinks that there are only 500 rupees left in his hand. He wishes to earn money. Dolly asks him to send a Holi video to her. He thinks that he shouldn’t reveal to his mom that he was doing a delivery boy’s job. Later, Ilahi notices Jahan talking with someone on the phone. He was excited to hear about the competition announcement. Jordan says to his friends that he will make sure Jahan doesn’t practice music again. He won’t sing in front of everyone. He wants to make him go far from Ilahi’s life. Meanwhile, Ilahi searches for Jahan there.

She notices someone standing in the shadow. She misunderstands him as Jahan and thanks him for helping her today. She feels bad for him and faced a tough situation today. She consoles him. She notices a bracelet in his hand and asks him who he is. He tries to molest her. She recognizes his smell and scratches his hand. She runs away from there. Ranjith thinks that she might pay for her deeds on their first night together. Later, Ilahi takes a shower and shares everything with Husna. She tells her that she has to inform Biji about everything. Husna tells her that she won’t allow her to attend college.

Jahan doubts why Ilahi isn’t attending the call. He wanted to inform her about the competition. Ilahi worries about her future. She prays to God to help her handle the situation. She missed her mom and talked with her. She drifts into sleep. Jahan wishes to inform Ilahi about their performance. He calls Ilahi, but she isn’t attending his call. Biji notices Ilahi sleeping. He sends a voice message to her about their schedules. Biji notices the message and is about to check it.


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