Junooniyatt 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Ilahi saying to Jahan that she thought he wouldn’t come when he was late. Jahan tells her that he promised her to practice music; how would he break the promise? Meanwhile, Amardeep threatens Biji to kill himself. He demands that she stop this engagement. Biji shouts for help. A thug keeps an eye on Ilahi. Jahan gets frustrated by his actions. He unbuttoned his shirt and demanded that he look at him. The Thug feels embarrassed in front of everyone and gets off of the bus.

Everyone claps for Jahan’s bold move. Meanwhile, Amardeep warns Biji that he will kill himself if they force Ilahi to get married. He had no option but to save his daughter’s life. He is able to do anything to save his daughter. Ginni tries to manipulate him. Amardeep asks her to leave from there. Happy loses his balance. Ginni says that he beat his brother-in-law. Amardeep apologizes to him. Biji slaps him in anger.

Junooniyatt 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update
Junooniyatt 6th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ilahi says to Jahan that he is a multi-talented person. He is able to play a lot of instruments. Jahan says that he did a lot for her, but she isn’t sharing her paratha with him. She gives her food to him. He remembers his mom and shares it with Ilahi. He says that he didn’t expect her to cook well. Meanwhile, Jordan asks the principal to give him permission to celebrate a holy party. He narrates his idea to the principal. He likes his idea and appreciates him. Mahi feels proud of her son. Later, Jordan says to his friends that he needs Ilahi’s friendship.

But Mom was right. He had to prove to them that he was a challenger. He can’t deny her wish. Later, Biji informs Shabnam that she has decided to arrange Ilahi’s wedding after three years. She has to complete her degree. Shabnam tells her that she has already informed her that they have to arrange her son’s wedding asap. Biji asks her to search for another girl for him then. Shabnam shares everything with Ranjith. She tells him that she will search for another one for him. But Ranjith was adamant about marrying Ilahi. He was determined to make her his.

Amardeep expresses his gratitude to Biji for calling off the engagement. Happy says that he lost his job because of him. Ginni complains that she is doing her an injustice by breaking off the engagement. Happy says that he lost his job because of him. Ginni complains that she is doing her an injustice. Biji reminds her that no one is able to stop her from fixing Ilahi’s wedding if she makes a mistake.

Amardeep nods to her. Later, Jahan and Ilahi reach college. They heard about the holy party. They wish to register their names. Meanwhile, Ranjith meets Ginni and tries to manipulate her. He says to her that he thought about giving them a luxurious life after he married Ilahi. But he has no chance of marrying her. Ginni informs him that he has one more chance. If Ilahi commits any mistake, then Biji won’t listen to anyone. Ranjith smirks when he hears it.

Jahan and Ilahi check their committees. Both are on different committees. Jahan asks him to change it, but Jordan signals him not to. Later, Jordan meets Ilahi and asks her to be his friend. Ilahi says to Jordan that she doubts why he attended Husna’s family wedding. His ego was hurt. That’s why he was behind her to trouble her.

He asks her to be his friend, but Ilahi denies it. Jahan comes between them and says to him. She asked him to get lost. Why is he troubling her? Jordan and Jahan end up arguing with each other. Ilahi says to Jahan that he is well aware that she can’t indulge in any problems. Ranjith takes their video. He thinks that he will finish his task in just three days. Later, Lucky informs Ilahi that Biji has canceled her engagement. Ginni reminds her of Biji’s condition.


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