Junooniyatt 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Jahan telling Jordan that he will listen to him but won’t bend down. Jordan’s friend asks him, “Is he Pushpa’s brother?” Jordan says that he has an ego. He is ruining everyone’s mood here. Jahan says that he won’t change his mood for others. Jordan snatches his diary from Jahan. Ilahi thinks that he looks angry. It seems that a diary is important to him.

Jordan changed the topic after seeing the professor. Ilahi makes Jordan’s friend fall down and takes the diary from there. He is about to beat her. Jahan comes in between them. Jordan says that he messed with the wrong person. Jahan says that he started it all. He tries to attack him, but he stops him. He notices Mahi there and pretends to hug him. He threatened him in a whisper. Jordan’s friend asks him why he left him. He says that he won’t leave anyone. He would insult him in front of everyone.

Junooniyatt 17th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Jahan takes the diary from Ilahi and leaves there. Ilahi says that he didn’t say “thank you” to her. She wishes to ask him about it. Husna tells her that Biji won’t leave her if she comes to know about it. Later, Biji notices Amardeep returning home in an intoxicated state. She complained to him that he was always returning home drunk.

Who will take a drunken girl as their daughter-in-law? Dharmendra says that those who are educated will make a good alliance. That was why she enrolled in college. Mahi watches Ilahi’s song. The principal praises her voice. Mahi tells him that she doesn’t care. Jordan will win this competition at any cost.

Later, Biji lashes out at Amardeep for ruining her family name. She warns him that she won’t let Ilahi continue college if she is late at home. Bua supports her. Meanwhile, Ilahi confronts Jahan. She inquires if he has forgotten anything. He tells her nothing. She complains to him that he didn’t say thanks to her for returning the diary to him. He didn’t give heed to her. She keeps disturbing him. She asks him to say sorry to her. He says that she may return the diary to him, but she created the problem. He leaves there.

Ustad reaches college. Mahi said that he attended this year. Many talented students attend this college. This year, a great Indian voice competition is going to be conducted here. Usthad tells her that talented children will achieve their dreams. Later, Jahan is disappointed with the recent incidents. Ilahi hears the harmonium sound. She searches the campus for who is playing it. Jahan tries to meet Ustad, but Jordan stops him. He tricks him into bending, but Jahan smartly manages the situation.

Husna says to Ilahi that both are interesting people. Ilahi says that she is here to study. The principal asked Jordan and Jahan about the mess on their first day of college. He inquires about Jahan’s details. He tells him that he is from Canada. It’s a new place for him. He is here to concentrate on his studies. Jordan asks him to smile. Jahan says that he will smile when he gets a chance. Jordan asks him to work for NASA.

Later, Pooja asks Dolly to shift to the underground, reasoning that her relatives need their room. Dolly pleads with them to give them a little time. But they are adamant. Meanwhile, Jordan wishes to trap Jahan. Later, Husna asks Ilahi to enjoy her college days. Ilahi tells her that she wants to attend the competition and brings her mom and sister back home. She shares her desire with God.


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