Junooniyatt 16th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 16th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Jahan practicing his song. He receives Dolly’s video call. Dolly inquires him. Why didn’t he call her? She missed him a lot. She inquires about his stay and food. He lied to her that he was staying in a hotel and the food tasted better. He tells her that he isn’t getting the tune. Dolly asks him to find inspiration in Punjab. He will get into a better tune with that inspiration. Ilahi shows me getting ready for college. She shares her happiness with her mom. Amardeep feeds her curd and wishes her the best.

Jahan goes to the Gurudwara to pray. Bebe feeds sweets to Jordan. Jahan prays to God to bless him. Amardeep suggests that Ilahi practice her song whenever she has the opportunity. Bebe says to Jordan that no one is able to snatch from him whatever is written in his destiny. Biji comes in front of Ilahi. She fears that Biji may stop her from attending college. Biji takes evil’s eyes off her, surprising her. Biji warns her to follow the conditions or else forget about college.

Junooniyatt 16th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Ilahi gets inside the bus, and Jahan gets inside the auto. Jordan got in his Jeep. Three of them were stuck in traffic. The advertisement for the Voice of India appears. Trio looks at it with a smile on his face. Later, Ilahi reaches the college and records the video for her mom. Her friend calls her to come inside. Jahan follows her to the location. He shows his new college to Dolly.

Dolly notices Ilahi through the video call. Mama asks Dolly, “Who will pay the bill?” She tells him that Jahan cleared everything before leaving. Neethu says that he didn’t pay the bill for the cake. Dolly says that she pushed that down. Neethu creates a scene there. Dolly felt helpless there. Veer asks her, knowing he may win the competition or divert his attention to something else.

Jahan notices Ilahi taking the posters. He asks her to tell him how to get to orientation class. He gets inspired by her bright voice. He keeps a close watch on her. He follows her behind. Husna takes Ilahi to the orientation class. She regrets showing Jahan the wrong direction. Meanwhile, Jahan mistakenly enters the washroom. The girls welcome him happily. He apologizes to them for his mistakes. He manages to escape from there.

Jahan thinks that she gave him the wrong directions. Jordan is singing a rap song. Students enjoy his performance. Mahi notices this and praises him in front of the principal. Jordan notices Ilahi, but he fails to notice her face. Ilahi is not interested in his rap songs. Mahi says to the principal that Jordan is going to participate in the competition. He might win the competition at any cost. Ilahi says to Husna that she will win the competition. Jordan follows her behind. She helps the staff hold Chandler.

Jordan asks her how sure she is that she will win the competition. She tells him that he will win the competition if he is more talented than her. He tells her that she is overconfident. He starts his rap song. Ilahi gives him a befitting reply with her songs. He drops Chandler. He follows her behind. Jahan wrote the lyrics. His lyrics paper falls from his hand. Ilahi caught it. She gets impressed by his lyrics. Ilahi hears Jahan playing harmonium. She searches for him. They fail to notice each other.

Jordan goes there to welcome the freshmen. He asks them to conduct a fair competition between seniors and freshmen. Ilahi tries to get Jahan’s attention. He is about to fall, but she holds his hand. Later, Jahan is about to leave, but Jordan stops him. He asks him to perform. Jahan wishes to sing for him, but he demands that he lower his voice to his level. Jahan denies it after recalling the way his parents faced humiliation.


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