Junooniyatt 15th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 15th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Bua asking Ilahi why she is silent. Didn’t she lie to Biji? She didn’t sing? She doesn’t have any other options in her hand. Biji tries to burn Ilahi’s hand. Amardeep comes there and stops her. He tells her that music is her life. She is her granddaughter.

Biji says that she will ruin her life. Ilahi is still able to do anything after her death. Biji throws her harmonium down. Ilahi rushes down to get her mom’s picture. Biji burns her mom’s photo and harmonium. Amardeep is distressed to see his daughter’s hand burned while preventing the photo from catching fire.

Junooniyatt 15th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Mehtha appreciates Jordan’s irony. He says that someone would have died in shame if he had been in his place. He is behind the music. He complains that he is ruining his prestige. Jordan tells him that music is his life and passion. Mehtha warns him. Mahi asks Jordan to go to his room. Mehtha asks him to stop performing in front of the crowd and instead attend the function as his son.

Later, Amardeep gave first aid to Ilahi’s wound. Biji went there and applied ointment to her wounds. She shares her grief with them. Later, Mahi says to Mehtha that she has seen a dream for Jordan. He will become a leading singer in India. Meanwhile, Bua is talking to Biji. Let’s fix Ilahi’s marriage. Ilahi makes an attempt but fails to persuade them. She shares her grief with Amardeep.

Mahi argues with Mehtha about Jordan’s passion. She assures him that he will become famous and that everyone will show respect for him. Later, the priest gives a scholarship check to Jahan. He asks him to participate in the competition and win it. He mentions the scholarship. Jahan thanked him. He wishes to take training to participate in that contest.

Meanwhile, Biji is about to throw out her college application form. Ilahi pleads with her to allow her to attend college. She would finish work and leave. Biji says that she is trying to lie to her. She was caught red-handed. She compares Ilahi with Diljhot. She doesn’t want to see Ilahi become like Diljhot. She gives her a stern warning and leaves.

Ilahi records a video for Diljhot. She says that she is recording a video for her to show her when she returns home. She says that Biji does not allow her to attend college. How will she win this competition? Jahan wishes to get admission to Chandigarh College. Ilahi takes advice from Ginni.

Later, Jordan recalls the way Mehtha described him as a goon. He makes sure that he looks handsome in that attire. His grandpa appreciates him. Mehtha introduces Varun and Jordan to his relatives. He says that Jordan will take over his business after his education. Relatives say that they’ve heard that Jordan has a talent for singing. Mehta says that he is not interested in it.

Jahan says to his parents that he got a scholarship from the Gurudwara to study in Chandigarh. Mami snatches the check from his hand and mocks them. Jahan assures them that he will repay their debt after winning the competition. Meanwhile, Varun’s fiance asks him to inform his parents that she wants to work after the wedding. He assures her that he will discuss it with his parents. Jordan recalls his father’s words. He sings in front of guests. Mehta drags him from there. Mahi asks him what his problem is.

Mehta complains that she is his and her son’s problem. Jordan tells him that Mahi is his inspiration. He walked away from there. Later, Baljeet and Dolly give an emotional send-off to Jahan. Ginni tries to convince Biji to allow Ilahi to join the college. Nowadays, a groom’s family needs an educated girl. Biji says that Ilahi goes to college. Biji tells her that she gives her permission to join the college. However, she should avoid speaking with gentlemen and should return home immediately after college. She shouldn’t practice songs there.


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