Junooniyatt 14th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 14th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Lucky discussing Ilahi, a great Indian voice. She shares with him that it’s tough to participate in that competition. Bua comes there, surprising them. Lucky diverts the topic. She scolds her for burning the rotti.

She tells her that Fufa doesn’t like burned roti. Jordan creates a scene in the police station. He asks him to turn on the AC. Jordan says to the inspector that he doesn’t know who his mom is. The inspector tries to beat Jordan. Mrs. Mehta arrives there and stops him.

Junooniyatt 14th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

The constable introduces her to him. She gives the food to him. She says to him that he is looking down on his music. She will ensure that he attends his music concert, providing him with security. The inspector apologized to her. She takes him from there. Later, Bua and Biji glare at Fufa for blabbering. Lucky says to Ilahi that he has an idea. Meanwhile, Mehtha asks Varun to take Jordan from there carefully. This news shouldn’t leak to his dad.

Lucky suggests that Biji and his family go to the Gurudwara. He asks them to leave Ilahi at home. She will take care of their house. Later, Jahan arranges everything to surprise his parents. He wishes him a happy anniversary to his parents. Relatives make faces when seeing them. They ask them if he has money to celebrate their parents’ wedding anniversary. Jahan’s mom hears the relatives gossiping about them. Jahan sings a song for them. Everyone’s attention turns towards him.

Pooja creates a scene there and asks Jahan to call the plumber. A relative tells her that a plumber is at home. She demands Jahan’s father repair it. Jahan tries to stop him, but his mom stops him. A relative intentionally pushes the cake down and pretends to apologize to Jahan. Jahan’s mom cleans the floor. Jahan walks away in tears. Later, Lucky wishes all the best to Ilahi and leaves. Ilahi opens her mom’s luggage. She caresses her mom’s picture and shares her happiness with her.

She was determined to join this competition. God provided a way for her to participate in this competition. She will get to her as soon as possible. Jahan spends time with his parents. He sings for them and bakes a rotti cake for them. He says that they belong to Punjab. Rotti is better than cake. Jahan’s father apologizes to him for ruining his plan. Jahan comforted him. He hugged his parents. He signals his mom to talk with her father about allowing him to participate in the competition.

She informs him about the competition. He grants him permission but later retracts it after learning about a competition in Punjab. Jahan tried his best to convince his father, but he was adamant about his decision. Jahan’s mom consoles him. Later, Ilahi sings her mom’s song, which makes Amardeep recall his past. Jahan’s mom tries to convince her husband. He asks her not to forget their past. What happened in Punjab? She informs him that no one knew Jahan was present.

He will be safe there. She assures him that his music will give him a better life. He gives her permission. He feels that his son may have misunderstood him. Jahan is determined to clear his parents’ names. He had to solve his parents’ problem. Later, Bebe takes evil’s eyes from Jordan. Grandpa flirts with his wife. Jordan says that salt fell into his eyes, but he was flirting with his wife.

She asks him, “Isn’t he aware of his father’s character?” So what’s the point of doing something like that? Jordan’s brother asks him to get up. His sister comes there and asks him to share the experience of staying at a police station. Mehta learns the truth from the news. Ilahi practices at home. Lucky thinks that Ilahi doesn’t know they are returning home as soon as possible. Biji hears the neighbors talking about Ilahi’s song. They compare Ilahi’s voice with Diljhot’s. Biji hears Ilahi’s voice. Bua provokes her against Ilahi. Biji catches Ilahi red-handed.


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