Junooniyatt 13th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Junooniyatt 13th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update: The show begins with Ilahi believing that every house in her village has at least one singer. She says that she has to attend her friend’s family sangeet, but it’s not easy because singing is banned in her house. She sneaks out of the house and reaches the sangeet venue.

Ilahi’s friend side is about to lose, but Ilahi sings. Guests gossip about Ilahi’s mother, Diljot, who runs away from the house. Ilahi’s friend asks Ilahi to sing her mother’s song. Ilahi recalls the moments she shared with her mother when she was a kid. She wipes her tears and sings and dances too.

Junooniyatt 13th February‍ 2023 Written Episode Update

Ilahi’s Bua hears Ilahi’s singing voice and understands that Ilahi is singing. Her husband, Happy, is told to turn the bike. She reaches the sangeet venue and searches for Ilahi. Ilahi hides from Bua. Ilahi’s friend lies to Bua and says that Ilahi is not there. Bua says that she will check in at the house and leave from there. Ilahi tries to reach the house before Bua. She thinks that she is running like this because Beeji hates singing.

Bua wakes Beeji up and tells her that Ilahi was singing in the sangeet. Beeji and Bua go to Ilahi’s room. Ilahi says that she was cleaning the room. Bua tells Beeji that she heard Ilahi’s voice. Happy says that he also heard Ilahi’s voice. Ilahi tells Beeji that she looks dirty and wonders why she will go to sangeet in this condition.

Beeji asks her if she is telling the truth. Ilahi lied to her. Beeji warns her not to even consider singing. She says that singing ruined her family. Bua asks her to arrange Ilahi’s marriage. Ilahi says that she has to get admission to college and study. They learn that Ilahi’s father, Amardeep, is drunk again. Bua badmouths Ilahi’s father. Ilahi requests her to not do that. On the other hand, Jordan sings on the road, which causes traffic jams.

Ilahi searches for her father. She thinks that her family was also filled with happiness, and her parents, Diljot and Amardeep, were good singers. She says that Diljot had one dream, which was to become a singer, and even Amardeep promised to fulfill Diljot’s dream, but they faced financial crises and fought. In the end, Diljoth left the house with her younger sister, and Amardeep could not handle himself after that. She finds Amardeep, and they leave for home. She sees Jordan, but not his face. The police try to catch Jordan.

Ilahi tells Amardeep that he is still a good singer. But he opposes her. She thinks that singing is her god, and she will bring Diljot back no matter what. Meanwhile, Jahaan sings. He tells his friend that he has only one dream, which is to bring back the respect that his parents lost. Beeji scolds Amardeep for drinking. She tells him to worry about Ilahi’s marriage. Later, Ilahi feeds Amardeep. She tells him that everything will be fine. Amardeep tells her that that’s not possible. He feels bad that even Ilahi can’t sing now.

She tells him that they can hear songs. She switched on the radio. They feed each other. They learn about the competition, “The Great Indian Voice.” Jordan and Jahaan also learn about the competition. Amardeep tells Ilahi that this is the first step towards reaching her dream. Ilahi thinks that music is her God and that it will help her meet Diljot. Police arrest Jordan for singing on the road and causing a traffic jam, but the latter is not affected by it. Jordan says that music is his joy. Jahaan says that music is life.


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