Imlie 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Imlie singing Bhajan in the car while going to the location. Rana hear that via tab. Imlie reaches the spot and her senior scolds her for being later on her first day of work. If she is taking advantage of her position. Imlie says she doesn’t have the talent or experience to challenge him. She won’t be late from the next day. Arto comes and Introduces himself as Imilie’s husband.

The villagers get confused seeing the dance of the girls and boys in the modern songs. They get to know the reporters are here to educate them about the importance of studies. The villagers get bored and start leaving one by one. Arto gets their attention by playing music in his own rock style. He engages them and Imlie feels delighted.

Chini comes from the same village as Abhishek. She wonders why he took her to a rural village instead of going to an expensive restaurant. One man calls Abhishek Chote Malik which surprises her. She learns many women became educated in this village from the money Abhishek donated here. Chini thinks again of charity work. She hears some reporters from Bhaskar Times have come here.

Chini goes to check and gets shocked seeing Imlie there. Imlie gets the copy of the speech lines and the girl who was supposed to give the speech falls sick. Imlie’s senior sends her to the hospital. Imlie is asked to give a speech instead of her. She feels nervous and Arto says noone can do that better than her. He encourages her saying she has already done many unthinkable kinds of stuff so she can give a speech as well. Imlie receives claps from her co-workers.

Imlie starts giving speech in front of the villagers in their language. She motivates them to study and then states the importance of that. Chini mocks her for her speech and says she read in a bad school where proper education was not given to her. She doesn’t know the spelling of English even. Arto asks her who is really literate in the true sense. Chini replies who goes to school. Arto says Imlie studied in Hindi Medium and speaks Hindi and that doesn’t define her as illiterate.

She knows how to respect people and when elders bless us in Hindi language then why its considered as less important. Chini gets silent seeing his support towards Imlie. Arto says Imlie is truly the reflection of her mother. She says education teaches us how to face the world and she tells the kids to study with utmost attention and seriousness.

She is not that efficient in her studies but she expects them to be. Arto gets impressed and they share an eye lock. Chini gets irked seeing their closeness. Imlie’s senior tells Imlie to leave with them, and Arto says he will go home alone. Imlie says but he will hesitate to ask for the address of the villagers so she will accompany him. Arto smiles upon hearing that.

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