Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Imlie pounding the haldi. Chini makes fun of her with Anu and Kia, claiming that Imlie is busy breaking the stones, mistaking them for turmeric. Chini says she will enjoy the haldi ritual with Arto in Imlie’s absence.

Rupy asks Chini what kind of haldi she is holding because Imlie is preparing it outside. Anu makes the excuse that the haldi came from Abhishek’s side. Chini says she will apply the hand-pounded haldi to her face only. Rupy gets convinced and leaves.

Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update

There, Imlie fails to make a paste of the stones, so she puts them in the mixer. She identifies them as stones and understands it’s Chini’s trick to keep her away from Arto. But she won’t let her succeed. Imlie rushes towards Arto. Shivani looks at Arto’s sad face and tells Rudra that he didn’t value Arto’s wish and that he is sad because Chini will belong to someone else.

Arto wonders why Imlie is not at the function, and if she is avoiding him, why? He goes to find Imlie, and Chini heads towards him with haldi in the hope she will apply it to him. Imlie enters the house hurriedly and falls down. She gets hurt, and Arto shouts her name. He applies the haldi to her wound to give her relief. He asks her why she became careless.

Arpita says it’s Chini’s wedding ritual, but Arto and Imlie are performing it. The fumes and leaves of a chili Later, Rudra says it’s God’s sign that Arto and Imlie are made for each other, thus they are performing the rituals accidentally. Devika says she doesn’t want to believe in the signs, but she wants to know clearly if Arto still feels for Chini. They should not have false hope.

Imlie mocks Chini, showing her the stones that her cheap plans can’t stop her from saving Arto. Chini says this is a small round, but she will win on the wedding day by marrying Arto. Imlie says it’s Chini’s childish nature, and in return, she will only get slaps for her stubbornness.

Chini asks her why she cares, as she doesn’t love Arto. Imlie recalls her moments with Arto and says she already told her about her feelings. Imlie goes on to say that Arto should make his own life decisions and that Chini should not be able to manipulate him.

Chini says Imlie will soon find them romancing. Imlie says she won’t mind if Arto decides to do so. She thinks he should understand that Chini is not right for him. Imlie is trying to tie a bandage to her wound. Arto comes to her and asks why she is doing it alone and not taking his help. Imlie closes the door, saying she doesn’t want to be weak as they will get separated in the end.

Imlie 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update

Arto tells her to open the door, but Imlie says she has to deal with her pain alone in the future, so she is fine like this. She doesn’t need anyone. Arto gets upset and leaves. Imlie feels she shouldn’t have hurt his emotions when she only considered him a friend. She opens the door and finds no one. She says sorry to Arto in her mind. Arto questions Chini about why she is doing all this.

Chini says she is going to get married, and Arto will lose his hook line forever. He says the world is not ending. Chini tries to make him understand that they won’t be able to meet each other after her wedding. So if he doesn’t stop the wedding, then she will commit suicide. Arto is taken aback when he hears this.


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