Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto finding that his kurta button is broken. He gets annoyed and recalls an incident where he was struggling to wear a tie, and Imlie came to help him. He wanted to wear something else, but she watched a YouTube tutorial and made him wear the tie. She said that the journey might be tough, but they should not change their destination for that.

She said she wouldn’t let him fail. The flashback ends, and Imlie passes by Arto’s room. Arto stops her and asks her to knit his kurta button, but she says she is going to meet Sundar, so she can’t help him. She gets upset, thinking she has to maintain a distance from Arto, and she will focus on keeping Chini away from Arto.

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini gets pissed and shares with Anu that she couldn’t even perform one ritual with Arto. She doesn’t want to get married to Abhishek at last. Anu says they need a solid plan to stop the wedding. Kia comes confidently, saying she has the plan to help Chini marry Arto.

Chini tells Rupy what kind of organic turmeric she wants for her haldi ritual. She throws tantrums, and Rupy teases her. Rupy gets emotional, saying she will miss her after Vidaai. Chini hugs her to comfort her but then realizes that due to this emotional drama, she forgot to execute her plan. Rupy goes to prepare the haldi.

Chini stops Arto from leaving and says they have to make the confession about their love affair right now, or else Abhishek will marry her at last. Chini says why he wants to delay. She holds his hand, saying she loves him a lot. Kia pretends as she heard it for the first time. She tells Arto that everything is happening because of Rudra’s pressure on Arto.

Now Arto is secretly having an affair with Chini. Kia says she is by Arto’s side. She will unite him and Chini. Arto requests that she not expose the truth to anyone now. He can’t hurt his family; he promises that he will tell the truth family. Chini praises Kia for her acting. Arto will now accept her in front of everyone.

Arto thinks he is confused, and he wants Imlie’s help. How can he face his family and tell them that he loves Chini? He looks for Imlie, and there, Imlie greets the guests. They praise the arrangements, and Rudra gives the credit to Lmlie. Chini makes her entry and calls herself the center of attraction. Imlie thinks she should help Rupy make the haldi paste, as she is doing it all alone outside. Imlie is about to leave, but Arto stops her. He asks why she is avoiding him. If she is disturbed for some reason.

Imlie 7th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie says she is busy with wedding preparations. He says she can’t hide her problem as she is eager to save him from all kinds of trouble, so why didn’t she knit his kurta button? She wants to leave, but he holds her hand. She tells him to let go of her hand because Rupy requires her assistance. Chini comes to Arto and manipulates him, saying they both will be united by the end. She thinks Imlie will be busy making the haldi, and she will be busy with Arto.

There, Imlie tells Rupy to go and get ready. Rupy says that without the haldi paste, the ritual can’t start and guests will have to wait. Imlie says she will do that instead of Rupy. She avoids talking about Arto when Rupy asks her. She says she has no expectations from him and is happy like that. She starts making the haldi paste after Rupy leaves. Imlie says she can’t get distracted like that. She feels anxious thinking about Arto’s words.


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