Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini stopping Imlie from applying mehendi to her hand. She says only married women can apply it to their hands, so she doesn’t need any bad omens during the rituals. Imlie says Chini should stop calling herself different as her thinking is backdated. Kia tells Imlie not to demean Indian tradition. Imlie asks her, “What is the Hindi meaning of tradition?”

If Mehendi does not distinguish between people, then they are not the right person to do so. The rituals are designed to spread joy amongst one another.Rupy feels proud of Imlie. Chini feels jealous. When Shivani refuses, Imlie requests that she apply the mehendi.

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie makes the design, and Chini decides to teach her a lesson. Chini asks the mehendi artist to write her lover’s name on her hand. She utters “A” in front of Imlie and Arto, which shocks both of them. Arto thinks Chini should not make any stupid mistakes in front of everyone.

Imlie wonders if Chini will write Arto’s name. One of Arto’s fans forcibly wrote Imlie’s husband’s name on her hand. Imlie gets surprised, and the girl says she knows Imlie is DJ Arto’s wife. The artist writes Abhishek on Chini’s palm. Chini questions her: “Why did she do that?” Abhishek comes, and Chini says she meant the spelling was wrong.

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He responds that his name is spelled correctly, so why is Chini upset? Imlie stares at Arto’s name on her hand and is about to leave, but he stops her. He says if she wants, she can remove his name. She says she is okay with it as she considers him her friend.

Arto says that then he will write her name on his palm as well. She is his friend too. He writes Imlie’s name, and Imlie gets happy seeing that. Chin gets irritated when he sees them together. She tries to remove Abhishek’s name from her hand. Later, she shocks Imlie with her presence. She questions Imlie about why she is not leaving Arto alone.

Her actions don’t say the same thing. Since when did she become Arto’s best friend? Imlie remains silent. Chini says maybe Imlie still loves Arto, and thus she wants to be with him and gives the excuse of helping him. Chini keeps on asking her: “What does she feel for Arto?” If she has feelings for him Imlie says no. Arto overhears that and gets shocked. He walks away, wondering why he is sad when Imlie doesn’t love him. He should be happy, but he is not.

Imlie 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie tells Chini that she doesn’t expect anything from Arto, and she can’t see him in pain either. She claims that Chini has no feelings for anyone. Chini asks her to stop lecturing. Imlie says she won’t let Chini trouble anyone in this family. She leaves, and later, Imlie gets emotional seeing Arto’s name on her hand.

She says she can’t remove his name that easily as Devika applied sugar and lemon to it. She says she couldn’t hide her true feelings from Chini. She loves Arto so much, and it’s getting difficult for her to stay away from him. She thinks, but she has to save Arto from Chini. She decides to leave Rana House after Chini and Abhishek’s wedding. She sobs as she looks at the mehendi.


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