Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto telling Imlie his love for Chini is pure and he can’t go on with his life. Imlie says he can’t leave his music midway. He has to pour his pain into the music and take preparations for an upcoming concert. He worships his music so he should not ruin his career for his hooking. Arto says how dare you and he says he will cancel the event as Imlie has false hopes about him. She has no right to talk ill about his hooking.

Ripu and Ginni ask Imlie what they should do now. Imlie says they should cancel the event. She calls the manager and learns that the concert is sold out and Arto has to pay the compensation if he wants to cancel it. Imlie goes to sleep with Arto and he wakes up in fear thinking she will throw water at him. She tells him to fill the bucket with water as he has to pay the money to the manager. Arto says he doesn’t have enough money for that, he says but he has one option. He asks Rudra to give a cheque to Imlie so that she can give it to the manager.

Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Rudra says he used to admire Arto’s discipline and love of music. One thing he loved the most he can’t betray that too. He should not cancel the event, Arto gets shocked to hear that and Shivani says that she will support him and will give him the cheque. Rudra says noone in this will encourage Arto’s wrong decision. Devika feels the same. Arto tells Imlie she has won to which Imlie says he can’t play with his fans’ feelings who bought tickets from their hard-earned money and invested their time in him.

Arto says he is a cheater and his fans should know his reality too. Imlie says she is more stubborn. Methods talk about Imlie’s kindness and how she wants Arto to choose the right path. Chini says they only praise Imlie but they have no idea how Imlie insulted her over the call. Rupy scolds Chini for talking to Arto again. Chini says he called her and before she could say what Imlie said, Rupy says Imlie should taunt Chini every time from now on. Chini says if Arto can’t move on, why everyone is blaming her for that? Chini says she will take revenge on Imlie for this insult.

Arto plays video games with his siblings. Kia instigates Devika and Rudra saying Akash is more hard-working than Arto. Devika says Akash is selfish and leaves. Imlie tries to find a way out. Ranas push Arto to attend the event as everyone is waiting for him. Does he say noone wanted him to choose music earlier so why they are forcing him now? Imlie appears in rockstar get up. She tries to cheer Arto up saying she has become DJ Atharv.

Imlie 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update

She tries to sing a rap song. Arto asks her to stop kidding. He says he is a brand and he is DJ Arto. Imlie says he doesn’t care about his reputation, brand or fans then why does he care? Arto says it takes time to create such fame. Imlie says but he doesn’t want to protect it so she can do anything to ruin the event. Arto asks her what music she will play. She teases him by singing a Tunak Tunak song. Arto’s parents also support Imlie.

Imlie comes out and hopes Arto will attend the concert. Chini laughs at Imlie’s action after learning from Kia. Kia tells her not to underestimate Imlie as the latter every time wins. Chini says she has a plan. Arto recalls Imlie’s words and there Shivani says Imlie destroyed Arto’s life. Rudra says Shivani can’t see how much Imlie suffered still she is fulfilling her duties. But Shivani can’t do anything but give pain to Imlie. Arto overhears that and later Imlie feels nervous at the concert. She thinks about how to go on stage, she has no idea about DJ music. She hopes Arto will come.

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