Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini sitting upset, and Abhishek tries to talk to her. She says nothing happened as per her wishes at the party. Anu makes an excuse to Abhishek that Chini doesn’t like Hindi songs, thus she got upset. Abhishek says that now that she is a grown girl, he hopes she enjoys the other wedding functions. He leaves, and Anu cautions Chini to control her actions or else anyone might learn about her plan.

Chini reveals that no one will know she kept the theme card in the room. Arto hears that and comes to her. He asks her if she really did that to humiliate Imlie. Chini gets shocked, and Imlie says Chini only wanted to make fun of her in front of guests. Chini admits that she kept the card in Imlie’s room to make her feel special.

Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini says Imlie misses her mother and village, so she wanted her to dress up like her mother. But her plans turn out to be disasters, and she hates her life for that. Chini says everyone hates her because she broke up with her family. No one understands her. Arto says that because of her, Imlie faced humiliation, so Chini should apologise to her.

Chini does that and gets furious at Imlie after Arto leaves. Imlie says Chini should stop plotting, or else she will end up in trouble. Arto praises Imlie’s style of clothes and says her simplicity impresses him, and he would like to dress up like this daily. Imlie says people don’t value things that happen regularly. Later, he feels that when Imlie was in his life, he didn’t value her, and now he is regretting that.

Chini and Rupy sit to select the mehendi designs. Chini taunts Imlie, asking if she will write Arto’s name on her palm. as they are not a couple anymore. Imlie says what is in the future will happen at any cost. Chini says she is lucky enough to get her love, so she will write Abhishek’s name on her palm. Later, Chini holds Arto’s hand, and the latter asks her to leave it. Anyone can spot them. Chini says she doesn’t care about their families anymore.

Mehendi is an emotional function for a girl, so she will write Arto’s name on her palm only. Arto says he doesn’t know if he loves her or not. Chini convinces him with her acting and leaves. Kia taunts Rupy, saying only married women can touch the mehendi bowl. Rupy gets offended, and Chini scolds Kia for insulting her.

Imlie 5th February 2023 Written Episode Update

She should taunt Shivani, not Rupy. Kia says she felt Imlie would get hurt because she is not married too. But Imlie isn’t here, says Chini. Anu tells Chini not to care for Rupy, as the latter only cared for Imlie. Chini shares her plan with Anu: despite Imlie’s best efforts, Arto can’t get separated from her. She will propose to Arto, and the latter will get crazy for her. Chini says she doesn’t care about what the guests will think, but Arto’s name will be written on her hand today.

She chose him, and he can’t reject her. Anu encourages her. During mehendi, Rupy and Shivani stay away from the function. Imlie says all three of them will apply mehendi to their hands; this is not wrong. Chini stops Imlie, saying she doesn’t need any bad omens in her marriage rituals because of her. Imlie gets disheartened.


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