Imlie 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Arto speaks up for Imlie

Imlie 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto thanking Imlie for doing so much for him. He says she should focus on her project now and adds if she called the police. He feels bad that he made her drink alcohol by giving her the stupid challenge. Imlie says she didn’t call the police, one inspector comes and thanks them for helping the cops catch the fraud ladies who used to loot innocent people.

Arto gives the credit to Imlie and they wonder who called the police, Abhishek says he did that as he saw their fight. Chini says first she saw them and they got saved because of her. Abhishek has huge contacts so h called the cops easily. Imlie says some people only like to enjoy watching but Abhishek took a good step to save them.

Imlie 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini feels attacked and leaves. Rupy shows the viral video to Arpita that this is circulating on social media very fast. Imlie will face criticism for the accusation of Arto. Arpita says she thought things are getting better but new trouble occurred. She says they will support the truth only, no matter what people say. Rudra worries for Imlie and Arto. Shivani says she packed Imlie’s bag and now she won’t let her stay here for her hypocrisy. Arto and Imlie come to the house and Rana feels relieved.

Shivani stops Imlie saying she doesn’t deserve to stay here. Arto objects to that saying if she wasn’t there he would have gotten hit by a truck. She saved him from some ladies and the truck. He is alive because of her. They should welcome her and thank her. Devika thanks Imlie saying there is nothing she can’t do. Shivani says Imlie is a drunkard and Arto replies she drank because of his stupid challenge.

He said he won’t give the bottle to her until she finishes it. He says if alcohol defines a character as good or bad then he should leave the house first according to Shivani. Why noone told him to leave but just because Imlie is the daughter-in-law why she has to take all the responsibilities? He says he also decided to quit alcohol. Rudra gets happy.

Arto packs his luggage and is about to leave but Devika stops him from being emotional. He goes back to his room, and Rathod comes to Rana House to meet Imlie. They get happy to know Imlie made things alright. Imlie shares the news with Rathods that she started her new project in the office. Arpita says her parents will be proud of her. Rupy treats Imlie’s wound. Abhishek praises Imlie’s brave act, and Chini feels jealous and says why he didn’t praise her pretty look.

He teases Chini saying why she is getting jealous. Chini goes back home angrily. Imlie tells her mother that her real struggle has just started. She starts working on the laptop and Kia Akash gets surprised to see she knows how to operate the laptop as well.

Imlie 4th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Arto recalls how Chini was praising Abhishek. He self talks that he should not let his family down who want him to change. He says he should not call Chini, but he still calls her. He says he couldn’t help it and he is trying to forget her but failed. He says they knew the consequences beforehand that they are guilty so why can’t they stay together?

Chini says they backed out respectfully so Arto should compromise with Imlie. Imlie overhears the talk and says Abhishek should know about their love affair. Chini gets shocked to know that. Imlie scolds Arto for again calling Chini who is already engaged. Arto says she didn’t get married and he wants to talk to Chini. He asks Imlie to leave as he doesn’t want to argue with her. Imlie says he should work on himself to move on instead of going after Chini. Arto gets restless. Rana witnesses their argument.

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