Imlie 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Abhishek telling Chini that their choices aren’t alike. If she really wants to sit in a restaurant instead of spending time outside in this amazing weather. Chini says she is different. He notices Imlie and Arto are dancing in rain. Chini says this is cheap. He replies they are living their life to the fullest in the right way. Chini asks him to avoid them and go to a restaurant.

Rana gets worried for Arto, Shivani surely this is Imlie’s fault, she only provoked him to leave the house. Devika says without knowing the truth they can’t judge her. Kia says she will try to take credit by bringing back Arto. Rudra says hopefully Arto is with Imlie. Arto talks to the kids and he recalls Imlie has to complete her project work.

Imlie 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

He reminds her to go to Village, he wants to accompany her to know if she is doing her work properly. Imlie smiles at him. They start walking in a drunken state. They bump into some ladies and said sorry to them. Those ladies assume that this couple is rich, and they start pointing fingers at Arto and Imlie to fulfill their motive. The ladies start calling Arto an eve teaser and Imlie protests. Those ladies call some of their men to teach a lesson to Arto.

Chini finds Abhishek’s words boring and goes outside to receive a call. She finds Arto and Imlie are in trouble and she enjoys watching the scene. She records their video and sends the video in groups. Kia watches this and says Arto teased a woman in a drunken state. Rana starts criticizing Imlie for drinking alcohol. Shivani says she just acts like a good woman but in reality, she is not.

Imlie 3rd January 2023 Written Episode Update

She can’t help Arto quit his addiction but she is herself drunk and ruining their family reputation. Rudra gets shocked to see the video. Those ladies attack Arto and Imlie tries to stop them. They demand money from Arto in return for the misbehavior. Arto is about to fall and Imlie handles him. Imlie asks the ladies how much money they want directly. Arto asks her why she is not getting angry.

She says her real money is from him and their family is waiting for them so they can’t get late. They share an eye lock and Imlie gives all her jewels to the ladies. She says these are valueless for her. One lady asks for the engagement ring from Imlie but Imlie says she won’t give her that. Those ladies try to snatch that from her and Imlie twists her hand and threatens her. Arto supports Imlie’s action. She says her husband respects Women.

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