Imlie 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto and his friends drinking alcohol but then finds that it’s not alcohol at all. Kia asks Akash if he didn’t bring alcohol. Akash says he ordered the expensive one then where is it? Arto’s friends ask Arto why there is no alcohol. Imlie says she exchanged the alcohol with bitter gourd juice.

Arto’s friends get upset and leave his house. Arto tries to stop them and asks Imlie what did she do? Imlie says she is like that only. Arto’s parents appreciate her. Abhishek’s parents come to Rathod Mansion with lots of gifts for Chini. Chini feels greedy seeing the gifts and takes them from him. She says Abhishek’s parents are like Santa Claus to her.

Imlie 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie prepares to join her new job as an intern. Ginni and Ripu appreciate her. Rudra asks Imlie why she wants to work in her own company. Imlie says she is trying to learn something new but the company belongs to her parents only. She will just try to handle it in their absence just as Bharat handled Ayodhya. Kia and Akash complained against Imlie that they made preparations for all the guests but she ruined it and insulted them.

Rudra says but why they ordered alcohol for Arto. Akash tries to justify his action and Devika says they should stop pointing toward Imlie. Shivani says Imlie can’t be right always as she ruined their reputation today knowingly. She is not their daughter-in-law anymore thus she is spoiling their image. Imlie says if she would stay here Shivani will say she is trying to get praise if she leaves Shivani will call her irresponsible.

So she clears that she is here after all the betrayal because she loves them. Rudra stops Shivani from speaking further and the latter leaves angrily. There Chini criticizes Imlie’s makeup sense and says she won’t call the makeup artist who was cheap and came during Imlie’s wedding. Abhishek says art matters, not money. Chini makes an excuse that her skin is sensitive. Imlie worries for Arto and Devika tells her that he won’t touch the alcohol this soon after drinking bitter gourd juice.

Imlie 31st December 2022 Written Episode Update

She teases Imlie for worrying about Arto. Imlie gets her first project and deadline for submission. There Chini is busy unwrapping the presents and gets happy. Abhishek tells her if she would like to go out, she says she won’t go to any cheap restaurant as he is the owner of a five-star hotel. She then diverts the topic and he feels strange. Imlie prays to God before starting the project work.

Kia tells Devika how can Rudra give Imlie the right to speak whatever she wants. Devika says it’s their betrayal towards her earlier so she is speaking against the wrong thing now. She is not insulting anyone. Arto enters the house intoxicated and laughs at Imlie. He loses balance and falls down. He says Imlie must be thinking he stooped so low. But he has no choice. Imlie asks him to eat something but he denies it. She says why he is not trying to get better and is constantly feeling down. He should try to work on himself. He says for whom?

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