Imlie 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Imlie telling Arto that he is just trying to normalize his reckless life by justifying his situation. He is not in love with his music or Chini. He is weak, she says she has her own project and Arto says it’s good that she joined her office as an intern. Imlie gets a call from the office and gets busy talking to them. Arto thinks Imlie should achieve everything she wants.

He can’t be the barrier for her, he will leave her for her own good. He leaves when Imlie turns back. She gets worried thinking about where did he go? She sees the door is open. There Abhishek tells Chini that he will take her to an expensive restaurant. Sundar says Abhishek is a nice guy and Chini will start loving him slowly. Rupy tells Abhishek that they want to discuss the further rituals of marriage. Chini thinks she will get more diamonds and feels happy.

Imlie 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Arto walks in the middle of the road and Imlie follows him, a truck is about to hit him but Imlie pushes him away and they fall together. They share an eye lock and Imlie scolds him for being careless. She says if he went blind, he says why she is after him when he cheated on her. She should move on and Imlie replies she will fulfill her promise to his parents. Imlie snatches the bottle from Arto and stops him from drinking. He laughs at her when she says she will also get drunk. He challenges her to drink and she does so. He tries to hold her but she leaves.

Abhishek tells Chini why she doesn’t like the breeze or rain etc. Chini says she cares about herself only. He feels strange and then asks her what does she like most about him? She replies with the gifts he gave her. He then takes her to a special place but tells her about its significance and she starts taking selfies which surprises him. She tells him not to waste time there and he doesn’t like her attitude.

Imlie 2nd January 2023 Written Episode Update

Arto tries to handle intoxicated Imlie and the latter goes insane. She sings and then sits on the road. She adds she always cared about what others wanted but today she wants to do things that she wants. He asks what her heart desires.

She holds his hand and the rainfall starts. She says she wants to dance forgetting all worries. She starts dancing to the Cham Cham songs. Some kids join her and Arto also dances with them. Arto gets delighted seeing Imlie’s happiness.

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