Imlie 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini talking to Abhishek and the latter says their thoughts are really similar. He asks her to stay honest always. She hides her intentions that she is marrying him for his rich status. Chini cuts the call seeing Rathods. Sundar and Arpita tell her to stop her drama and that she should not play with Abhishek’s feelings the way she did with Imlie.

She should understand Imlie’s pain. Abhishek really likes her. Chini says she already moved on from Arto but they are still blaming her. They will never be happy for her. Rupy scolds Chini and says she will slap her. Chini says it’s their habit to taunt her. She goes to the room angry and thinks about what Imlie must be doing right now. She thinks she can’t even enjoy her wedding properly.

Imlie 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Devika tries to make Arto drink lemon water, but he says he can’t face the reality after getting better. He says he always hurts people. He falls onto the bed in an intoxicated state. Devika starts crying seeing him. Rudra notices that. Shivani says Arto’s condition is deteriorating because of Imlie. Why she is not coming to solve his problem despite his apology to her? Devika says she never liked Imlie then why she is expecting her to solve his issue?

Shivani says Imlie has to take all the burden and she has to fulfill her responsibilities. Shivani says Imlie won’t make any compromises. Kia and Akash get happy to see Arto’s condition. Chini enters Imlie’s room and starts taunting her that she couldn’t win her husband’s love despite staying with him. He used to meet her secretly, Imlie says she is not interested in the past, and Chini should also focus on her wedding with Abhishek.

Chini says she is happy and she came here to take her stuff. Imlie says she didn’t tell her the truth earlier and put the blame on others. Chini says Arto told her not to reveal that to anyone. Imlie asks her to leave with all her belongings. Chini gets irked and says Imlie has become different, she doesn’t feel anything it seems and nothing bothers her. Imlie says she will live for herself only. Chini says she wants to stay out of all the melodrama.

Rana tries to handle Arto and Imlie comes to take her phone from his room. Shivani says they should bring another girl into Arto’s life as he can’t be able to move on. Imlie tries to leave but Arto pleads with her holding her hand. He says he wants to be strong like her to deal with his pain. He breaks down in tears, he says if she too leaves him then he will die for sure. Imlie recalls the past and leaves the room.

Imlie 29th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shivani gets shocked and tells Devika how rude Imlie is, that she doesn’t even care about their wish. Imlie wakes Arto up by pouring water on him. She tells him to get ready and go to work as it’s already 8 am. He gets angry and adds everyone is upset because of him, so for whom he will get ready.

She says she wants to help him genuinely, he says he was drunk last night so he said those things. She is free to leave him and he is happy that she helped Rudra. Imlie throws away the blanket saying she didn’t stop loving him yet and she wants to help him. Arto is shocked to hear that.

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