Imlie 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Devika telling Arto to get ready. Arto says she is not even looking at him. He says today he is going to witness his love story’s funeral. Everything is finished. Devika tells him to think about Imlie who got betrayed but still has the courage to deal with the situation. He should learn from her.

Imlie enters and Arto’s kurta button breaks. She asks him to take off his kurta, she knits the button and he thinks Devika was right about her, she is really strong. He asks her to act normal, she can scold him or can complain against him. Imlie leaves ignoring him. At the engagement, Arto and Imlie arrive. Guests assume that they are the groom and bride maybe as they are really good-looking.

Imlie 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Chini arrives with Abhishek saying they are getting engaged so people should talk about them. Chini gets busy dancing with Abhishek. Arto starts drinking alcohol and Akash asks him why he is drinking alcohol in front of Rudra. Arto says he wants to enjoy himself fully, he can’t hide things anymore. Imlie finds him drinking alcohol and is about to go to him but Rupy stops her saying it’s his fault so he has to handle himself. Akash smiles seeing him.

Arto makes an announcement in the intoxicated state that he wants to present music on this special occasion for Abhishek and his hook line. He plays DJ and dances around the guests. Chini thinks Arto has become Devdas. He drinks alcohol and Imlie breaks the glass in anger. She tells him to leave with her if he considers her a friend. Rudra says Imlie is managing things again when she came as a guest. Kia says she is showing off, Rudra tells her to manage herself as she can’t do anything except talk.

Imlie tells Arto to not create scenes like that. He thinks it’s all joke. He says all relations are jokes. Imlie says he is suffering because of his own fault, noone is responsible. He says he wronged her but he is in pain too. She stops him from speaking saying she won’t tolerate Rudra’s health worsening because of his drama. This is not his concert but a family function.

Imlie 28th December 2022 Written Episode Update

He should respect Chini’s decision if he loves her truly. Imlie leaves and Arto sits devastated. Sundar diverts the guests’ attention when they ask what’s wrong with Arto. Sundar stops Imlie and the latter thinks he is Arto. Then he adds he is proud of her for the way she handled everything like her mother. They go to attend the ceremony.

Chini thinks Imlie stopped Arto else he would have ruined everything today. Chini and Abhishek exchange rings happily, and Arpita tells Rupy that he loves Chini truly. Rupy says that Chini’s intention of marrying him is not genuine. Arto is heartbroken to see Chini with Abhishek and recalls past memories. Imlie looks at him and recalls her memories of him being sad.

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