Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto wondering why Imlie wants to recite poems in front of guests. as she used to hide them. Imlie covers it up, saying she won’t hide it anymore as he is her world now and she doesn’t want to keep it a secret from him. She shows him her poems, and he comments that she is very good at them and that her poems are as honest as she is.

Imlie is happy to see he is reading the poems with the same amount of attention. Arto says he made mistakes several times; will Imlie be able to accept them? Imlie says he is with her and taking care of her, and that’s enough. He thinks he’ll try to make Imlie smile until she arrives.

Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 26th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini sends Arto to his family for party preparation. Chini asks Imlie to wear the same salwar, for which Imlie faced humiliation at the party that day. Chini wants to put her to the test to see if she will actually wear it. Imlie agrees to wear the salwar and then thinks she will outsmart Chini, and the latter will be shocked. Chini arrives in party attire, eager to see how Kie is humiliated like the last time.

She enters the Rana Residence and is astounded by the various decorations. She sees everyone wearing Indian traditional outfits. Rana’s complement each other; Chini looks mismatched between them. Kia asks Chini if she has any ideas about the theme. Chini says she went to the salon to get ready and no one told her about the changed theme. Akash says Arto changed it to Imlie only. Chini says she will not let Imlie enjoy the party, and Kia says she won’t accompany her today as she is enjoying her own fancy look.

Arto asks Rudra if he told the guests about Imlie’s health. Rudra says he did. Shivani asks Chini why she is wearing Western clothes. Chini says she didn’t have any idea about it. Arto tells Chini that the party is for Imlie, so it will happen as per her wish. Imlie comes downstairs as a South Indian bride. Arto loves her look and compliments her.

Imlie feels shy. Ginni makes fun of Chini’s look. In flashback, Imlie thinks about how she should not wear the salwar at the party because she doesn’t want Chini to make fun of her emotions related to her mother. Arto appears and accidentally reveals that she wore it the last time. He then diverts the topic, saying that past memories will cause her stress. He changes the theme for her, and Imlie gets happy, thinking now she can easily fool Chini. Flashback ends.

Imlie tells Chini that the saree is a gift from her husband, and she also mocks Chini for her outfit. Chini says she hates her life because her plan flopped. Imlie thinks she will trouble Chini more. Chini sees that Anu came wearing a salwar suit, and Anu asks her why she didn’t read the theme. Chini says she got fooled, and now she will make sure Imlie feels troubled.

Imlie, by mistake, recognizes a guest, and Rana wonders how she remembers him. Imlie again makes an excuse and covers it up. Chini thinks she will dance with Arto, and Imlie asks her to bring water. Anu tells Imlie that Chini is not her servant. Chini says she will bring, of course. She thinks that after some time she will expose Imlie.


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