Imlie 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Shivani saying why Imlie returned back as Rudra is not her own father. Devika says it’s lmlie’s favor on them that she came and they are busy taunting her. Imlie has a sense of responsibility than Shivani and Kia. She is still Arto’s wife thus she can come here. Rudra becomes stable and the doctor says he got a minor attack and they need to take care of his diet health etc.

Shivani tries to feed him food but he didn’t eat anything and Rudra is not opening his mouth. Arto asks from whose hand he will eat. Rudra points his finger at Imlie, she tries to feed him apples and says he will only eat light food until he recovers. Rudra eats and then she prepares hotch-potch for him in the kitchen. Arto looks at her.

Imlie 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie asks Rudra why he is crying while eating. Rudra says she has a big heart thus she came to check on him. She says she knew something will go wrong and came back to see him. She tries to make him feel lighter. Rudra says she is his true daughter. She adds she has to leave this house as she can’t live with these bitter memories for long. This gave her painful memories. Rudra says Imlie is again talking to leave him alone, he will complain to the doctor. Imlie feeds him and Rudra tells the doctor that he is fine.

Devika blesses Imlie for making it possible which they couldn’t do. Shivani taunts Imlie for not fulfilling the daughter-in-law’s duties. Devika says Imlie favored them and saved Rudra. Shivani says she is not interested to welcome Imlie here but since Rudra wants to eat from her hand then she has to stay here and look after him.

Imlie 26th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ginni takes Imlie’s side and Devika says they can’t force Imlie to stay back, it should be her own choice. Shivani says that she can’t leave like this, she should have a sense of responsibility towards Rudra. Imlie says sorry as Shivani only considered a jinx then if she threw her out then Imlie will fulfill that duty by staying away from their house. She can’t live with Arto who doesn’t love her.

lmlie is about to leave and Rudra feels pain in his chest hearing their argument. Imlie hears he is sick and she goes to check immediately. The doctor says he is getting affected by the stress they are creating so they should stop that. Devika says they don’t have any right to stop Imlie as Arto is not hers. Shivani still says Imlie should stay here for Rudra’s sake. Devika leaves adamantly. Arto looks helpless.

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