Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini wondering why Lili is not taking medicine. It seems like she is trying to fail at her plans. After the mishap, she has become smarter than before. She gets doubtful and calls Kia. Kia brings an actor in disguise as a doctor. He says he shot many ads, so he will manage.

Chini tells the family she brought the doctor for a second opinion as she can’t see Imlie’s poor condition. The actor lies and says that by giving repetitive shocks to Imlie, she might get her memory back. They should tell her the whole truth. Arto says, but the other doctor told them not to give her stress.

Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 25th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The actor says that in real life they can’t take retakes, so they shouldn’t take a risk with Imlie. Shivani says they should try this treatment on her once. Kia also insists on Arto’s approval. Arto agrees, and Imlie is taken downstairs. The actor tells her that if she can remember, her husband had an affair with her sister. Imlie starts her drama by collapsing.

She says she can’t believe Arto betrayed her. Arto tries to handle her, and Imlie thinks she won’t let Chini win this time. She goes out of control, and Arto calms her down by saying he is with her and will always help her whenever she seeks it.

Imlie faints, and Arto asks Chini not to give Imlie any advice anymore. There, Arto calls the hospital doctor for Imlie, and he tells her that her plan is going well. Soon she will succeed, and Arto has to accept her lies for a bigger purpose. She stands near the door, and there, Arto scolds Chini for calling the useless doctor. He believes that the doctor was a fake.

He tells Chini not to do anything else to make Imlie’s health worse. Arto goes inside Imlie’s room and the latter acts like he’s sleeping. The doctor tells him not to repeatedly stress Imlie. Arto says he will make sure of that. Chini shares with Anu that Imlie is just acting, and she is sure about that. Anu says that if Chini should push her to such an extent that Imlie will make the revelation on her own,

Shivani taunts Imlie again for all the trouble they are in. Rana and Rathod discuss how to make Imlie happy. They decide to throw the reception party for her. Chini thinks Arto scolded her just because of Imlie, and at this party, she will expose the latter. Arto informs Imlie about the party, saying guests want to meet his wife. Imlie gets emotional and looks at her Mangalsutra and bangles. She says she is doing drama for the sake of truthful revelation.

Arto thinks Imlie used to value the marriage, but she has to leave him because of his fault. She says people know about her already, but Arto says he wants to show her off by introducing her to everyone. He cheers her up, and she says that then she will recite her poems, and it’s the best way to introduce her personality. Arto believes Imlie concealed her poetry writing prior to marriage. She then thinks she made a mistake; now Arto might doubt her.


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