Imlie 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto reading Shayara’s poem about love. He says he will never stop loving Chini. Rudra asks him to stop being so stupid. Why can’t he see how Chini rejected him in front of his family, his wife? Chini made fun of him. He can’t be a fool for not seeing that. Arto says he and Chini loved each other, he didn’t think about profit.

He puts the blame on Rudra for not telling the truth to Imlie, he tried to separate Chini and him but failed at last. He says Rudra should understand his fault as it’s high time. He got the taste of her own medicine. Chini shows her engagement jewel to Imlie excitedly and Arpita asks her to have some shame. Chini says Imlie should stop being upset.

Imlie 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

She can enjoy wedding functions. Rupy scolds her and Chini reveal to Imlie that Rupy knew everything from day one that Arto likes her but still she hid the truth from Imlie. Imlie is shocked to hear that. Chini says she saved Imlie in the true sense by choosing Abhishek. Now, what do they want? Sundar says she can’t make fun of Imlie’s sadness.

Imlie says her life has become a joke and Rathods are responsible for that. Rupy says she tried to show Chini the right path but in vain. Imlie says though her family didn’t fulfill their duty she will. She says she is not interested to attend Chini’s wedding functions and Chini says she also attended hers then why not.

Imlie says Chini attended because she had her own motive. Imlie at last agrees to attend Chini’s wedding functions saying the latter should know how a sister should be. Chini says Imlie has become a bit more aggressive than before. Imlie leaves and there Chini video calls Anu and the latter tells her to focus on revenge against Imlie. Chini says she doesn’t want to get involved in her revenge drama. But still, Imlie is unhappy and she is happy. Anu’s wish is fulfilled.

Rudra looks tensed and he recalls Arto’s harsh words that Imlie’s life got ruined because of him. Rudra thinks that everything is over because of his selfishness. He tries to drink alcohol and there Imlie thinks Rudra takes medicine from her hands only so if he took it today or not. Rupy tells Imlie to focus on herself instead of worrying about others.

Imlie feels restless and there Rudra suffers a second heart attack and falls down. Arto shouts at dad and goes to him. Devika falls sick seeing his condition. Ginni informs Imlie about Rudra’s condition. Imlie insists Rupy allow her to call Rudra once to give him the remainder of his medicine. She learns that Rudra got a heart attack and she rushes to him.

Imlie 25th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Shivani tries to close the door to see her but Arto stops Shivani saying Imlie left the house on her own so she has the right to come back whenever she wants. Imlie gets emotional looking at Rudra’s state. She tries to wake him up.

She cries in the corner and asks Arto how it happened. Arto says he is responsible as every bad thing happens in this house because of him. He reveals how Rudra came to his room and he had an argument. Imlie says she doesn’t know this Arto and she is here for Rudra only. Not for him. Arto gets disheartened hearing her.

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