Imlie 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini going to meet Abhishek. Anu stops her and says now she doesn’t have time to meet her grandmother. She shows a wedding card sample to Chini as a surprise. Chini first gets excited and then sees Arto’s name with her name. She says she and Arto are over and she doesn’t want Him now.

Anu says Imlie is out of Arto’s life so it’s the perfect time for Chini to re-enter his life. Chini says she is more interested to become rich instead of ruining Imlie’s life. Anu says Chini will leave Abhishek one day and will come to her. Chini says that day will never come and she leaves. Shivani tells Devika that they should now think about Arto and Chini’s marriage as they like each other. Imlie hears that before leaving and thinks it’s good she won’t be present to witness that.

Imlie 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Chini meets Abhishek and acts like she is sad for Imlie, Abhishek says everyone has a past and Chini sees her life partner in him. Chini says yes and adds she started falling for him. Abhishek holds her hand saying that now what she wants will happen. Chini gets happy. Imlie bids an emotional goodbye to Rana. Her saree gets stuck with Arto and she removes it.

She is about to get inside the car and Arto looks at her being sad. Chini and Abhishek arrive there surprisingly. They go to Ranas holding each other’s hands. Abhishek gets surprised to see Imlie. Chini introduces him to Imlie and they both explain how they met. Abhishek says Imlie is strong though he saw her crying.

Rupy asks Chini why she brought Abhishek here, Chini gives his introduction to Ranas saying she wants to get engaged to Abhishek in their presence. She doesn’t want to come between Imlie and Arto. Abhishek tells Chini maybe they are uncomfortable, Chini says she is trying to help Imlie but noone can see that. Rudra requests Imlie to start afresh with Arto as Chini is marrying someone else. Imlie says that’s not possible as Arto doesn’t love her.

Imlie 24th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Rudra asks her to leave before he stops her again. He blesses her, and Arto takes Chini aside and says he thinks Chini did it for Imlie’s good but he can’t be happy without her. Chini thinks she did it just for money but Arto can’t understand that.

Arto says he can never love Imlie, she is his friend only and she will not forgive him too. Chini says she doesn’t have the energy to bear all this. She tells Arto to attend all her wedding functions to give her strength. He promises her holding her hand. She leaves with Abhishek.

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