Imlie 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto trying to take the blame on himself by saying that he made Raja unconscious. Imlie says he should not lie, just as Chini also told the truth. She admits her deed, and Abhishek calls Arto to learn about the update inside the shop. Robbers get angry and try to shoot Imlie. Devika faints at seeing all of that.

There, Rudra panics and refuses to take medicine. Shivani is adamant that he take it. Later, Akash goes aside, and Rudra says that even in this situation, he is leaving. Akash talks to a controller of the goons. He requests that he leave Arto and Devika alone. Kia asks him if he has gone mad. He says he will be Rudra’s favorite after saving Devika and Arto and will get the property shares. He says he will send money to the controller.

Imlie 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Akash informs Rudra about it, and the latter says, “How come he knows the controller of goons?” Kia says why they always doubt Akash. Why would Arto and Devika die because of Imlie? Rudra says they can’t understand Imlie’s sacrifices, so they should stop trying to help. The robbers get instructions to let Arto and Devika go away. Arto says Devika should leave, but he wants to stay here for Imlie. Imlie says Rudra will need Arto, so he should stay here. She sends him off with Devika.

Chini fears that now she will be in trouble. She says she should leave as Arto is not interested in escaping. However, the robber chastises Chini. Arto sends Devika away and closes the door. He says he can’t leave Imlie alone. Devika comes out and hugs Rudra. The cops ask her why the robbers leave her alone. Akash is about to say how much money he gave to save them.

But Devika says she is proud of Arto for protecting his wife. Kia says neither Arto nor the bad omen Imlie will come out safely. Devika slaps Kia, saying Imlie will not let anyone land in trouble. There, the robbers forcibly take Imlie away to loot the jewels from the locker. Arto uses slang, but they warn him. Imlie worries for Arto’s safety, and she thinks she can’t let anything go wrong with him. Arto requests that they not harm Imlie. One robber points a gun at him.

Chini asks Arto to stop hiding the fact that he came here for her rescue only. He says she has a misunderstanding, and he didn’t know she came here. He adds that he can’t believe Chini put her sister in danger just to save herself. Chini thinks she will try to convince him later. Imlie locks the door from outside when a robber goes to steal the jewels.

She sends a false signal to other robbers that their work is done. Arpita keeps asking, “Where is Imlie?” The robbers doubt if Imlie outsmarted them and ran away. The robbers catch Imlie, saying she tried to fool them. She was about to get shot, but Arto starts beating the robbers to save Imlie. One robber aims a gun at Arto, and the latter asks Imlie if she is okay.

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