Imlie 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Rudra telling Arto that to win Imlie’s friendship he has to win her trust first. Arto hugs him for giving him strength. Arto goes to Imlie in the garden area. He scares her showing a fake scorpion. Imlie gets scared at first and later realizes it’s fake. She scolds Arto that she rejected his friendship then why he is forcing her?

She leaves angrily and Arto notices a real scorpion behind Imlie’s back. He tries to stop her but she doesn’t pay heed. He removes it from her back and gets bitten by the scorpion. He falls sick and Imlie asks him if he is fine. Shivani blames her for always bringing trouble to Arto. Imlie applies a Lep on the affected area and Shivani says what rubbish she is applying. It will hurt Arto.

Imlie 13th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini arrives with a doctor and Kia recalls how she told her to get praise by bringing one doctor immediately. The person reveals he is not a doctor but he is a lab coordinator. Chini brought him here forcibly without listening to him. Shivani scolds both Imlie and Chini. A real doctor comes there and says Arto will be fine in some time.

He says Imlie did right by applying the home remedy to his wound. Imlie recalls how Arpita suggested she start afresh with Arto. Arto gains consciousness and she rebukes him for touching the scorpion. He says he won’t force her but the risk was worth taking for her so he saved her. He again asks her to accept his friendship offer and she shakes hands with him.

Chini gets teary seeing them. She gets jealous and Rudra asks her to leave as Arto’s family will take care of Arto. Rudra tells Devika happily that Imlie and Arto finally are friends. Does Shivani mock saying after breaking the marriage how come they are friends?

Devika says though they shouldn’t have fixed their wedding fast in the end, it’s all worth it. Chini shares with Anu how Arto doesn’t want her back even after her proposal for Abhishek. Anu asks her to break ties with Abhishek. Chini says that’s not easy to do, Ruby comes there and they make an excuse that they were talking about wedding dresses.

Imlie brings food for Arto and there Rupy tells Arpita that she failed to give a good upbringing to Chini. She should first save her from Anu who is brainwashing her. Imlie records Arto’s friendship promises on the phone. He says he will never hurt her or disappoint her. Anu pushes Chini to send I miss you text to Arto. Chini does so and there Arto notices the text.

Imlie leaves and he thinks what does Chini want when she already ditched him? Chini tells Anu why he is not replying to her. Anu says maybe Imlie is around and she decides to arrange something to bring Chini and Arto closer. Ruby asks Imlie for Devika’s jeweler to make jewels for Chini’s wedding. Imlie says she won’t let their issues affect Chini’s wedding.

In the jeweler’s shop, Chini sees her jewels with her family. Chini hires goons who will snatch Imlie’s purse and run away. By that time she will get some alone time with Arto. Imlie teases Sundar and there Chini tries the neckpiece. She thinks soon everyone will see an action sequence.

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