Imlie 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Imlie praying for Chini and going to see her. She says she will fulfill all her wishes, but the latter should just wake up. Chini opens her eyes and apologizes to Imlie. Kia and Akash get angry that Arto is not going to London. Their dream of getting all the property will remain a dream. They wonder if Chini has another motive for committing suicide. Kia says whatever it is, but they can’t trust her. There, Rudra and Devika discuss Chini’s drastic step.

Rudra says no matter how big the problem is, suicide can’t be the solution. Rathod and Rana meet Chini, and Rupy scolds her for her stupidity. Chini starts apologizing to them one by one. She says she used to be good to her family in childhood, but then she changed after growing up. She troubled Arto and forced him to accept her. She again says she loves him, but that’s her problem. She can’t make his life miserable.

Imlie 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Rupy gave her so much love, but she didn’t value it. Chini claims that she had so much ego that she had to fall in order to destroy it. She says sorry to Imlie for snatching things from her and ruining her married life. She adds that Imliya and Aryan are feeling ashamed of her. Rupy and others say that Imliya and Aryan must be feeling proud of her, so she should not worry.

Devika requests that Rudra prevent Imlie from leaving because their relationship is finally improving and they should not let her go. Rudra says it should be Arto’s decision to stop her. They have no right to stop Imlie. Shivani comes and says they should stop Chini from leaving because she attempted suicide for Arto. If she repeats it, then Arto will get accused of it. So they can give her false assurance that they are with her.

Rudra gets to thinking. There, Imlie is prepared to leave the house, and Arto comes to her. He says destiny is saying something to them so Imlie can change her decision. Imlie says destiny is giving her signs to move on in life to deal with bigger issues. She tells Arto to take care of himself. Arto gets disheartened and says she made him introduce his real self. How can he let her go? He says if he doesn’t look after himself, she may come to scold him. Imlie walks away, taking one last look at the house.

She thinks she will miss Arto a lot. Arto says the best thing he can do for her is let her go. He says he will miss her so much. Sundar and Arpita take Chini to the Rana Residence. She asks, but why is she here? She says Arto and Imlie need space, so she can’t stay here. Kia tells Chini to talk to Imlie regarding that. Imlie opens the door to find Chini and her family standing outside.

Chini learns Imlie is leaving the house. Chini says Rana’s family is saying she should stay here until she recovers. But if Imlie is leaning, then she will also go with her. Rudra gets upset when Imlie leaves without meeting him. Imlie says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Chini says that because of her, many misunderstandings have been created. She doesn’t want Imlie to leave the house. She should start over, and maybe this time she will not be disappointed. Chini begs Imlie not to leave. Arto thinks Imlie can stay back, at least for Chini.


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