Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Imlie throwing gulal at the goons. The goons loosen the rope, and the heavy stuff is about to fall on Ranas, but Imlie rushes to save them. Imlie jumps by going over the sacks and catches the rope on time. She finally stops the heavy stuff from falling on the family members. Arto also somehow reaches Imlie, but he can’t untie himself. Imlie unties him by using her teeth. She doesn’t leave the rope even in that situation.

Arto goes to the goons and fights them black and blue. Imlie holds the rope with full strength, and Chini sees her like that. Imlie tells Rudra to untie other family members before she leaves the rope. Rudra somehow frees everyone. Chini thinks she won’t let Imlie save herself, even though she saved her family. Chini tries to make the heavy sack fall on Imlie, but she falls down instead of Imlie accidentally.

The heavy sack is about to fall on Chini, but Imlie saves her by pushing her away. Police arrive, and Imlie tells the cops to arrest Chini immediately. There, Arto asks Imlie if she is okay. He got really worried. Divya praises Imlie for her help. Imlie explains to everyone how she saw the selfie of the goons and found Ginni’s phone. She reached the location after seeing the photo. Chini is about to leave, but Shivani says the wedding is not finished yet. Chini thinks Shivani is on her team, maybe.

She can save her, but Shivani says she used to misunderstand Imlie, thinking that the latter was not the right choice for Arto and that she was a bad omen. But the way Imlie saved them by putting her life at risk was beyond expectations. Now she doesn’t want to have any more doubts about Arto and Imlie’s relationship. She wants them to get married again. This time, Arto will also accept Imlie willingly. She asks Arto, “What’s your decision? Arto and Imlie stare at each other. Devika and Rudra get happy to hear praises from Shivani’s mouth.

Rupy says she can’t understand whether she should be sad or happy. One daughter is getting arrested, and the other one is getting praise. Maybe it’s her own fault—she couldn’t raise Chini properly. Sundar says they can only hope Chini comes back being the same innocent Chini like she was in childhood. Ginni says after the fighting sequence, a wedding is a must. Arto tells Imlie that she doesn’t need to take any decisions under pressure. He just needs her support.

She thinks Chini didn’t let them come closer earlier, but she doesn’t know whether she would be able to become Arto’s life partner or not. She says she will start afresh with him, and Arto is the most important person in her life. She says they will take their own vows this time without a priest, as they have a special bond. She asks him if he is excited to do the same.

He says yes, and Chini fumes and says she won’t let Imlie succeed. Arto says they will give lessons to Chini in their own style. Real marriage doesn’t happen by force or without consent, just as Chini tried to do with him. He holds Imlie’s hand and takes her to the mandap. Chini thinks she will destroy Imlie’s happiness soon.


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