Imlie 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Arto asking Imlie if she is fine. Chini says he is hurt not Imlie. She holds Arto’s hand and the latter removes it. Chini gets shocked seeing Arto ignoring her. Arpita tells Imlie to start her love story with Arto. She replies he is just caring for her but that’s not love. Arpita gives an example of Aryan and Imlie who were scared of love but then ended up being soulmates. Imlie gets into thinking.

Chini tells Anu that she can’t believe Arto is avoiding her. He is in love with Imlie. Anu tells her to make Arto feel jealous. Chini says she is an expert at that. There Rudra and Devika plan to send Imlie and Arto for dinner to unite them. Kia overhears that and Akash says they have got bad luck thus they have to see all this. Rudra and Devika want to unite Imlie and Arto desperately.

Imlie 12th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini learns from Kia about it and she says she got the idea to make Arto jealous. She asks Abhishek to take her out for dinner in the same restaurant where Arto and Imlie will go. Arto and lmlie are surprised to see their members didn’t come to the restaurant. Arto requests Imlie to sit with him and have dinner to give him company.

Chini and Abhishek meet them but Chini says she only wants to spend time with Abhishek tonight. Abhishek feeds her and it hurts Arto. Chini throws away Arto’s scarf which is really precious to him. Chini feels why he is not reacting. Arto feeds Imlie forcibly to make Chini feel jealous. Imlie leaves the table angrily.

Arto goes behind her and Imlie says he should stop using her to make Chini jealous. This is so shallow and she is already heartbroken enough, he should not drag her into this drama. He should do the things his heart wants. She shows her frustration and Arto thinks she is right and he should not hurt her. Chini, therefore, gives a special speech for Abhishek and expresses that she is in love with the latter. He accepts her proposal and Arto gets disheartened. He further gets down on his knees recalling what Imlie said.

He says he wants to become her true friend and she taught him many things. He can’t lose a genuine person like her. Chini thinks her plan backfired. Imlie tells Arto she fulfilled her responsibilities towards him always but he disappointed her. She rejects his proposal and leaves. He gets upset and Abhishek says wish he could help these two. Chini thinks Arto has become Imlie’s fan now.

Imlie reaches home and goes to her room. Rudra stops Arto and asks him to share what’s going on in his mind. Arto says he hurt her a lot and Rudra says they all are responsible for Imlie’s pain. She feels betrayed and Arto should not stop putting effort to win her friendship. He has to win her trust too.

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