Imlie 11th January 2023 Written Update: Arto saves Imlie

Imlie 11th January 2023 Written Update: The episode starts with Arto telling Imlie that Chini is going with them as Abhishek left already. Imlie sits inside the car and Chini thinks she will soon enter Arto’s life. Chini says she is feeling uncomfortable in the back seat to which Imlie tells her to go to the front seat. Chini comes out of the car excitedly to sit with Arto and Imlie says her real place is in Abhishek’s car who is waiting for her.

Chini gets irked and leaves. Abhishek says sorry to her for the fight but she says he doesn’t need to show fake concern for her. Arto thanks Imlie for telling Chini to leave as he failed. She says she didn’t do it for him but she only returned the favor. She says Chini should go with her fiance that’s ethically correct and Arto should try to move on from her.

Imlie 11th January 2023 Written Update

Abhishek asks Chini to smile after dropping her. She fakes a smile and leaves. She meets Anu and tells her what Abhishek did. Anu says she is not wrong but Abhishek is busy spending money on charity. She provokes Chini to go after Arto again, she says Imlie captured him to which Anu tells Chini not to give up.

There Imlie talks sensibly about Chini’s wedding and Rudra says she is such a good person. Rudra asks if he donated to Imlie’s campaign if she got it. Arto says they didn’t get any cheques. Rudra understands Kia and Akash spent the money on luxury items. He lashes out at them for wasting the money on worthless stuff which he gave for Champaign’s purposes. He says he will give the accounts responsibility to Imlie from now on.

Imlie replies its good that he showed faith in her but she can’t handle the company accounts with an internship. She says Arto can help him instead of her. Rudra says he will take chance for Arto then. Imlie motivates Arto he can do it. Methods come to invite Rana to Chini’s wedding. Imlie greets them and Chini overhears Arto will handle the company accounts. She says she got the motivation to come back into his life.

Rudra accepts the marriage invitation and Chini says she re-enter Rana’s house soon. Arto tells Imlie he wants to help her in making tea and snacks. She instructs him quickly and they enjoy working together. He goes to serve and Chini comes to him. She asks him to say something as he was silent in the car too. Arto says she should let him help Imlie at least. He leaves avoiding her and Imlie tells Chini to stay within her limits as she won’t get anything here. Chini feels Arto still loves her and soon she will impress him again.

Akash criticizes Imlie for making Arto cook, and Rudra and Arto side with Imlie as helping someone is not wrong. Imlie brings more samosas and sweets and Arto helps her bring the plates. Kia gets annoyed seeing their care for each other. She picks a cup of tea. There Abhishek tells Chini to sit with everyone and the latter goes to Arto to show her fake tears to him.

She thinks he is her puppet and he will soon react to seeing her crying. Arto notices Kia is about to spill the tea on Imlie and he rushes to save her. Chini gets shocked seeing he ignored her. She feels she lost him almost. Arto’s hand burns as the tea falls on him. Imlie asks if he is okay. Kia stands shocked. Chini holds Arto’s hand but the latter removes it.

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