Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Chini taking off her jewels. Imlie comes to her and says she never wanted to hurt Chini, but she wants to ask what she got after hurting everyone. Chini says she is not in the mood to fight; he rejected a rich guy like Abhishek, but Imlie still has doubts about her. Imlie says, but after that, she took Arto’s name.

Chini tries to make Imlie believe that she loves Arto in real life and that she used him earlier, but then his honesty changed her completely. Imlie asks, “When Arto already said he doesn’t love her, why is Chini after him?” Chini says she can’t explain her feelings to Imlie, as the latter doesn’t want to trust her. Imlie says Chini snatched everything that belonged to her.

Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update
Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Imlie 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Chini says it means Imlie is saying she favors her to show pity. Imlie says it was Chini who always made comments on her language and fashion sense, but she considered Chini her whole world. Chini says she genuinely feels for Arto, and one day she will prove to Imlie that Arto and she are made for each other. Then Imlie will unite them both on her own, and she will thank her. Imlie looks on.

Rathod expresses their regret to Abhishek for Chini’s actions. Abhishek says why they hid the fact that Chini loves someone else. He would have never agreed to marry her. His parents say that Chini refused to marry Abhishek because they focused more on charity. Imlie tells Abhishek that she wanted to tell him the truth several times.

He says she didn’t succeed even once. He says he used to take inspiration from Arto and Imlie, but he was shocked. Abhishek’s parents say that they felt Chini would be mature like Imlie, but they were wrong. Abhishek says he believes Chini can never truly love someone in her life. Before he leaves, Arto says sorry to him. Abhishek says he felt Arto was his friend, but he also hid such big things from him. Abhishek leaves.

Imlie consoles Rathods when they cry. They claim that they failed to provide a good upbringing for Chini and that she is the main reason Imlie is in trouble. Imlie says she is not sad about anything. Rupy claims Chini declared in front of everyone that she would take Arto from Imlie. Imlie says Arto doesn’t belong to her, so no one can snatch him from her. He is just her friend.

Arto overhears that and thanks Imlie for making him realize that he doesn’t love Chini at all. He adds that he is glad she knows what she wants. Imlie nods yes, and Arto leaves upset. Imlie says she will never tell her true feelings to Arto. Chini tells Anu that she started loving Arto for real. She never thought Arto would reject her, and now she understands his value.

She wants him by hook or crook, not his money. Anu says she always tried to make Chini understand that Imlie deserved nothing. Chini says she has a problem with Imlie, but this time she will not separate Arto and Imlie because she knows they are each other’s weaknesses. She will make them believe that her love is true.

Rudra gives his London ticket to Arto and asks him to leave to stay away from Chini. He says they can’t force Imlie to be with him, but he can request Arto. He doesn’t trust Chini, so he won’t let her ruin Arto’s life. Arto says Chini can’t fool him or trap him anymore; Rudra stands firm on his decision, and he wants Arto to stay away from Delhi for some time.

Arto accepts his decision. Anu tells Chini not to love Arto too much because there are other boys too. She saw Malini destroy her life for a guy, and she doesn’t want Chini to do the same. Chini says she chose Arto for herself, and she will get him no matter what, as Arto is different.


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