Google Chrome New feature look like this

Google Chrome: Passwords have been released for Google Chrome users, allowing them to sign into the browser without having to type any characters. The news was announced in October, and now it has been made available in the stable release. The information about this new feature was published on With the help of this feature, users can access Chrome without having to enter any passwords.

Password plays an important part in making the data of your digital life safe. Password leaking can prove very dangerous. Passwords are unique digital identities that could be stored on phones, laptops, and other devices, even on a USB. Using passwords, users can log into the site and app with a code or authentication, thus protecting themselves against identity theft

Passkeys will work on Google Chrome

Like a password, whenever you log in to your Google account, the device or websites will ask for Passkey. After this authentication users can easily use the fingerprint or number that they have saved earlier. It can be almost like unlocking the screen.

Support Device

Passkeys can be enabled on the latest version of Chrome browser running on Windows 11, Android, and Mac OS. Passkeys on Android will be able to sync securely with the help of Google Password Manager.

How to work on the phone

In the information shared on the blog, it has been told that after saving the data once in Passkeys, as soon as users need to log in anywhere, then the option of Passkeys will appear in the popup in Google Chrome. After that, you have to log in with a PIN or fingerprint. After that, the details will be auto-filled.

How do login on computer

To use it on the computer, any nearby mobile can be used for passkey authentication. For this, a code received on the phone will have to be exchanged. Its information has been shared in

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