Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Virat taking a decision, to tell the truth to Sai about their son Vinayak. He looks at Sai observing Pakhi’s vitals and she assures him that soon Pakhi will get consciousness. She checks Pakhi while Virat gathers the courage and finally decides to reveal the truth to Sai before anyone else comes in between to disturb them.

He leaves Vinayak on the seat and moves towards Sai. He confronts her and proclaims that he wants to tell her something regarding their son Vinayak. She looks at the child and says that she knows he considers him as his own son, to which Virat shakes his head and becomes emotional.

Here, Virat stops Sai and states that he found out about their son Vinu being alive. Sai becomes shocked and gets teary eyes. She asks if he is telling the truth. Which, Virat also gets teary eyes and nods positively. He proclaims that their first child is alive and is near them. Sai gets elated and questions who is he. To which Virat looks at Vinayak.

Virat reveals the truth to Sai that the child whom he and Pakhi have adopted is their real son Vinayak. Sai gets stunned and looks at Vinayak being emotional. She splutters to say anything and asks if Virat is telling the truth. To which the latter assures her and notifies her how he found the truth. Sai shows her gratitude towards Virat for giving her the greatest news.

Elsewhere, Sai moves towards Vinayak and starts pampering him. She looks after the latter and asks him to call her his mother. He gets confused and looks at her with question-filled eyes, to which she replies that he is her real biological son. He gets surprised finding about the truth and asks if he is Virat and her real son. To which Sai nods positively.

Vinayak gets elated and hugs Sai being happy. The latter also embraces him and cries recalling all the past moments. Meanwhile, at that time Pakhi also gets conscious and asks Virat that is Sai is telling the truth. He replies positively while she also gets delighted and moves out of bed. She stands near Vinayak and hugs him.

Ahead, Pakhi says that Vinayak is her real baby whom she has given birth to via her womb. She embraces him while Sai gets shocked. Sai states that he is her son and not Pakhi’s. She reminds the latter about their past and proclaims that she has done the same mistake in the past itself, due to which she has taken a decision to leave the house along with Vinayak.

Pakhi stands against Sai while the latter asks Virat to take her side. She proclaims that previously he hadn’t taken her side and everything had gone wrong. She declares that she is right and asks him to take a stand for the correct person. He agrees with her and tells Pakhi that Vinayak is his and Sai’s child only. The latter gets upset with his decision and threatens to kill herself. She runs towards the windows and jumps down, while Virat gets shocked seeing her dead.

Further, Virat wakes up from a nightmare and gets concerned for Pakhi. He looks at her sleeping in the bed unconscious and realizes it to be his dream. He falls into a dilemma as to whether tell the truth to Sai or not and sees her looking after Vinayak. He apologizes to her while she consoles him and asks to look after Pakhi. She goes away from there while Virat feels terrible for hiding the truth from her.

Precap:- Virat gets worried thinking about his decision and falls into turmoil. He regrets not telling the truth to Sai regarding their son Vinayak. Meanwhile, Sai reaches the orphanage and gets inside there. She sees a note stuck on the board and finds a shocking truth. She calls Virat while he worries about her finding the truth.

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