Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Pratap trying to suicide and telling about his sufferings to the doctors and police present there. Sai and Sahiba try to stop him but he denies to hear anyone and proclaims that there is nothing left for him to live. He declares that everyone betrays a relationship and tells about his wife’s deeds.

He was about to jump from the terrace when Sai gets an idea and immediately starts shouting at him. She scolds him and tries to get him angry. She provokes his anger issue via her words, while Sahiba gets confused seeing it. Meanwhile, Pratap gets furious and comes down from the edge of the terrace.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

Here, Pratap loses his control and tries to lash out at Sai for rebuking him. He was about to go towards her but the police stops him and takes him away from there. Sai gets relieved, while Sahiba asks about her action. Sai replies that she provoked him in order to save his life so that he will come to attack her and at that time they can get hold of him.

Sahiba gets impressed with Sai’s decision and appreciates her. The latter laughs upon hearing Sahiba’s compliments. Meanwhile, Vinayak and Savi also come there and meets Sahiba as well as Sai. They insist to learn pottery from the latter, while she sees the happiness to learn it in Vinayak’s eyes. Meanwhile, Sai sees all the patients getting cured due to Sahiba’s art.

Elsewhere, Sai praises Sahiba for her initiative. The latter then gives a pot to Sai while the latter gets elated in receiving it. She takes it happily and shows her gratitude towards Sahiba. The latter notices the same joy in Sai’s eyes that she has seen in Vinayak and tells Sai about it. The latter smiles and proclaims that there are certain things that are similar between Vinayak and her.

Sai tells about Vinayak’s dream to become a doctor like her and says that there is something that attaches them together. Sahiba ask that if Vinayak is Virat’s son? To which Sai replies positively. She then appreciates Sai for looking after him so well even after being his stepmother. At that time a doctor comes there and notifies Sai about Pratap kidnapping Savi and Vinayak.

Ahead, Sai gets shocked and rushes to save the kids. Meanwhile, Virat visits the hospital and finds that his son was sended to some other orphanage. He goes to enquire about his son Vinu and gets surprised to see the same orphanage from which he has adopted Vinayak. He meets the head of the orphanage and tells her about the issue, and she decides to help him immediately.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2022 Written Episode Update

The head of the orphanage shows the old clothes of Virat’s son while the latter gets emotional. Meanwhile, she notify him that he was the one who adopted his own son. Virat gets elated and recalls his moments with Vinayak. He then drives to go back to his house, while Pratap threatens the kids and proclaims to torture them. He acts like a madman and calls Virat telling about his action. Virat gets shocked and asks him not to do anything to his kids.

Further, Virat calls Sai and learns about the matter. She tries to stop Pratap from harming the kids but he doesn’t listen to her. She cries while Virat panics and rushes towards the hospital. Meanwhile, Pakhi gets tensed for Vinayak and tries to call him but gets unsuccessful. She then calls Virat and tells her worry. She asks him about the address of Sai’s hospital so she can pick Vinayak up from there, while he tries to hide the matter from her in order not to give her stress.

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