Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Pakhi begins the episode by telling Ashwini about her pain and declaring that life is punishing her for her mistakes. She cries and breaks down in front of Ashwini, stating that Virat started lying to her with confidence and is going back to Sai after her operation.

She tells about her suffering to Ashwini while the latter hugs her and cries along with her. She tries to console Pakhi and asks her to have faith in God, but the latter says that she doesn’t have any happiness in her life. She breaks the hug and leaves from there, while Ashwini feels bad for her and questions herself about how she can help Pakhi.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Here, Ashwini tries to find a solution for Pakhi and keeps thinking about it. She feels the latter’s pain and prays to God to provide her with relief. Meanwhile, Virat and Sai look after Karishma. The latter gains consciousness while Sai comforts her and tells her about her miscarriage. Virat says that if he had come earlier, he must have saved Karishma’s child.

Virat apologizes to Karishma while she breaks down in front of them and says that she is paying for her mistake. She starts crying while Sai gives her water and pacifies her. Karishma states that they must want to know about the father of the child. which Sai and Virat show their support for her and assure her that they trust her.

Elsewhere, Karishma says that she wants to tell them the truth. She proclaims that the baby belonged to Mohit, but unfortunately, he lost it. She cries and tells him that Mohit wasn’t giving her attention and that she was feeling lonely without him. She tried to get his attention by doing several things, but he still stays away from her. She didn’t have any other options and decided to start a phony affair.

Karishma sobs while telling the truth and proclaims that it was her biggest mistake. She states that she started her affair with Vikrant in order to make Mohit possessive about her so that he would start giving time to her. She claims that her plan backfired and ruined everything. She states that Mohit starts getting busy with Pakhi and the business.

Ahead, Karishma says that she came to Vikrant’s house after leaving Chavans, but she keeps missing Mohit. She proclaims that the latter tries to force her, but she notifies him about her pregnancy and pushes him away, stating that she doesn’t love him. She informs him of Vikrant’s rude behavior and how he treated her. She goes on to say that she became dizzy and had a miscarriage.

Sai and Virat console her and ask her to rest. They both discuss Karishma’s matter, and the latter decides to take her to the Chavans’ house, which Sai denies. She states that everyone will taunt her, and it will be worse for Karishma. She convinces him and then gets teary-eyed, recalling her accident and the way she lost Vinu. She shares it with Virat and asks him to accompany her to Vinu’s death anniversary puja.

Virat is also taken aback by Sai’s request and declines to accompany her. She gets confused with his behavior while he goes towards the temple and states that he cannot perform puja for his son as the latter is alive. He prays for Vinu’s health, and Sai is taken aback when he hears him. Whereas Vinayak tries to pacify Pakhi, but the latter asks him to go. He talks about his feelings for his mother while she gets emotional and hugs him.

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