Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Virat taking the unconscious Sai home. Bhavani calls Virat. On another side, Virat forgets his phone in the car. He applies medicine to Sai’s scratches. Unconscious, Sai holds his hand. Virat recalls his moments with Sai in tears. Virat thinks about how he can bring back Sai’s smile. Someone knocks on the door. Virat opens the door. Savi returns home with Usha. She hugs Virat happily. Virat signals to Usha that everything is fine.

Bhavani asks Sonali Whom have you called here? Whom are you waiting for? Sonali says some people from St. Idris Cathedral will be coming, and they want your letter of recommendation to procure some items for school. It’s a good deed, so I couldn’t refuse.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Bhavani says it’s good that you called them. She says Vinu is traumatized, and this help may heal her. Sonali says Vinu will be fine if Pakhi and Virat shift to Mumbai. Bhavani says you don’t know what Sai can do, and she will go wherever Vinayak stays; they won’t get rid of Sai in this way, so I have to think of a permanent solution.

Virat feeds food to Savi. Savi asks why Sai is upset. Savi asks if Sai is upset that Vinayak is not coming. Virat says, “Kind of.” Savi wonders why they can’t stay in one place together. She instructs Virat to place the name board she prepared, and Vinayak returns to see their names on the board. Virat believes I wish it were that easy. He places the name board on the outside wall. Savi takes a photo of it and messages Vinayak about it, telling him it’s his house too. She says Vinayak will be here after seeing the nameplate.

Virat sees Sai and recalls his love confession. He thinks, “How can I tell Sai in that way?” He thinks, “How can I tell Sai in that way?” Pakhi calls Virat. Savi sees Virat’s phone ringing in the car. She attends Pakhi’s call. Pakhi asks if Virat is with her. Savi says my mom’s health is not good, so dad is with her. Savi asks her to make her talk to Vinayak. Pakhi says he is sleeping and cuts the call in anger. Bhavani asks Bappa to solve their problems.

Sonali says Vinayak will be cured if they offer prasad to Bappa in the temple. Pakhi says to do it for Virat too so that he is no longer obsessed with Sai. Sonali and Bhavani ask what happened. Pakhi says Virat is with his daughter, and he just cares for Sai and Savi and doesn’t care about us. St. Cathedral people come there. Bhavani asks them to sit.

Sai gains consciousness. Savi asks Sai if she is fine. I ask Sai if she is fine. Sai breaks down as he remembers Vinayak. Savi asks Sai to not cry and asks her to hug Teddy, saying it’s Vinu. Sai says it’s a teddy. Savi says you’ve been considering this teddy as Vinu for two days, and she tells her how she ignored her and whatever happened. Sai is perplexed by her actions.

She apologizes to Savi for not taking care of her. She promises her that she won’t repeat her actions. Savi asks her not to cry and tells her that her tears will hurt her. Sai says okay and asks her to never switch on the gas when she is alone. Savi says don’t worry, as dad explained to me, and she tells her how Virat took good care of them.


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