Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update: The episode starts with Sai deciding to sneak inside the orphanage to find information about Vinu. She states that Anandi or the other staff won’t give her the information and so proclaims to do it illegally. She imagines her father in front of her, who motivates her to do everything she can to find her child. She goes to the orphanage and sees the guard sitting there. She enters inside via the back gate and hides from the staff. She sees them locking the door and gets tensed thinking that how she will enter the room to get the information from the computer.

Here, Sai prays to God for help and then sees the window. She removes the glasses from it when a glass gets broken. She hurts her hand as the glass pierces her hand. The blood starts oozing from it while she winces in pain but stays quiet to make sure that the guard doesn’t get attracted to her. But, the watchman hears the glass breaking sound and goes to check on that side.

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 11th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Sai hides from the guard and then enters the room by removing all the other glasses. She sees the computer and starts operating it. She enters the password as it was written on the keypad. She starts searching for Vinu and goes through all the files of the orphan kids.

Elsewhere, Chavan learns about Shivani being pregnant as Rajiv sends a bouquet for her. Everyone starts congratulating her while Pakhi gets emotional and feels sad. Bhavani looks at Shivani and lashes out at her for being shameless. She states that it’s Mohit and Virat’s time to become a father, but she is giving them brothers. She rebukes Shivani for being pregnant while the latter also gets angry at Bhavani.

Shivani takes a stand for herself and the baby. She proclaims that it’s her decision whether she wants to become a mother or not. Does she also taunt Pakhi stating that if she can’t get pregnant then what’s her fault for it? Everyone gets shocked by her words, while Shivani also realizes her mistake and gets silent. Pakhi gets teary eyes and goes back to her room leaving her dinner.

Ahead, Virat follows Pakhi and tries to convince her that Shivani doesn’t have bad intentions. Pakhi cries and shares her pain with Virat. She proclaims that she has accepted her destiny. At that time he gets a call from Anandi who informs him about Sai invading the orphanage and getting caught by the watchman. He gets shocked and assures to look at the matter.

Virat calms Pakhi and states that he is going for some important work. Meanwhile, Sai gets caught by the guard and couldn’t able to get any information about her child. At that time Virat comes there and takes her along with him. He confronts her about the matter, to which she cries and notifies him that she is trying to find their child Vinu. She reveals her intentions and insists he asks Anandi about it and proclaims that she will surely give the information to him.

Further, Virat gets worried and says that he can’t let the truth come in front of Sai. He makes some excuses and assures her that he will look into the matter. He aids her wound and then wipes her tears. He returns to his house and sees Pakhi awake. He consoles her while she confronts him if he went to meet Sai. He lies to her and then goes to sleep while she cries stating that she knows he is hiding the truth from her.

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